In 2011 we showed you how to build a last-minute Halloween costume with items that might be right in your closet. The costume, called “Old Money WASP,” consisted of saddle shoes, crested blazer, ascot, pink sweater, striped watchband, and patchwork tartan trousers.

This year we show you how to go to your Halloween party dressed as a Street Style Blog Preppy Fashion Plate, with special thanks to FE Castleberry, to whom the gist of this post was briefly sketched at a recent cocktail reception.

To build the costume, consider starting with a blazer like the one above. It should just cover your tailbone. It can also be used in a Frankenstein costume, and can be further emphasized by having your date wear a jacket that’s longer than yours.

Halloween is associated with the Princeton colors of orange and black, but green is a great costume choice. In addition to the chinos above, consider a pair of cords worn with tassel loafers:

Or a green suit (also worn sockless):

Or even green sunglasses:

If green makes your complexion look zombie-like, consider wearing blood red, as in this toggle coat:

Or these pants, worn with mismatched socks, crested velvet slippers, and inconspicuous bag:

Red shoelaces with saddle shoes are a great costume idea:

Pink is a certainly a classic preppy color that works great on a blazer:

It also pairs well with paint-splattered khakis:

If you don’t want to ruin your favorite pair of Bills, then just borrow your girlfriend’s white jeans:

Much can be achieved with accessories, such as a collar pin worn under a rugby shirt:

Or a floppy tweed cap and a pipe:

Finally, if you’re staying home to give out candy, just answer the door looking like this:

It’ll scare the kiddies shitless.

Happy Halloween. — CC