A Light Extinguished: Photographer Phil Stern, 1919-2014

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Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy, Kennedy Inaugural, Washington, D.C, 1961

Renowned photographer Phil Stern, who documented World War II and stars of Hollywood and the jazz scene, has died at the age of 95.

Stern did much work for LIFE Magazine and many of his images are instantly recognizable, such as this iconic shot of James Dean.

The above photo, in keeping with our JFK administration theme (the last post, and one more to follow), was taken at the president’s inaugural ball. — CC

Chipps Ahoy: Hail Paul Winston While You Still Can

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This week Paul Winston, scion of the Chipp dynasty, told me that the space he is currently sharing will lose its lease come next spring. As Paul is getting long in the tooth (not to mention his cutter, who’s about to turn 86), Paul will use the change to close the curtain on his tailored clothing business.

OK, a Winston Tailors item isn’t exactly a Chipp, but it’s a connection to the Ivy heyday and now is your last chance to choose one of Paul’s wacky linings and have something made from a man with Ivy in his blood.

Paul is at 28 W. 44th Street and can be reached at 212.687.0850.

His tie business is going strong and Paul intends to offer his knits, grenadines and ancient madders indefinitely. — CC

Photo via NYtimes.com.


Bill Of Wrongs

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EPSON scanner image

Bill Cosby is invoking his right to remain silent, so to speak, on the flood of allegations against him.

Cosby was the subject of an Ivy Style post during year one for his role — and wardrobe — on the TV show “I Spy.”

As seen in the photo above, taken during a performance at Carnegie Hall, Cosby wore the Ivy League Look when it was smart, current and respectable, and like many others stopped wearing it when the look went out of fashion.

With new shows in development cut by two different networks, it looks like Cosby himself is peremanently out of fashion.

This weekend the Washington Post came out with a detailed timeline of Cosby’s alleged assaults. — CC


41: Bush Junior On Bush Senior

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There’s a new biography on preppiest president George HW Bush, written by none other than his son, the other George Bush. Father and son are pictured above.

The Washington Post has an excerpt and review here.

OK, so 41 was wearing sack suits and striped watchbands when Reagan’s look was what Paul Fussell calls “LA County chutzpah,” but was he a good president? — CC & CS


Ascending From Los Angeles: Mike Nichols, Director Of The Graduate, 1931-2014

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In the opening scene of Mike Nichols’ 1967 film “The Graduate,” an airplane captain intones the chilling words “We are now beginning our descent into Los Angeles.”

Nichols has died at the age of 83. “The Graduate,” one of my favorite films, is truly directed — that is, crafted by a man with a vision. Rewatch it regularly. I do. — CC


A Natural-Shouldered View Of American History

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A few days ago we introduced you to the blog “Wearing The Ivy League Look Since 1958” and its author, “Billax.” This morning Billax left a thoughtful comment on the post, along with what sounds like a mission statement. It’s worth quoting nearly in full to stretch out what Billax calls his 15 minutes of fame, since, as he points out, there aren’t many around anymore who have a natural-shouldered view of late 20th-century America.

If you can live with irregular posts, the stories I want to tell are of the late fifties through 1964. Those years – oh, man – those years were the VERY best. Not merely for clothes, but for the expectations faculty had for their students. For the fervent belief that the faculty was preparing the 10 percent who went to college to manage the world. Such statistical certainty never turns out to be quite right, but it is often largely right. When, in late 1963 and in 1964, the world irrevocably changed for United States college students changed, apparel changed, manners changed, expectations changed, certainly and planning evanesced. For a while, planning died and all order went away. And what went away with it was manners and apparel. That story is really the tale I want to tell.

So as my visitor count does back to insignificant, I can go back to telling the significant story of what happened to all of us after President Kennedy was assassinated, Vietnam divided us, and birth control pills made us think we could be completely irresponsible.

It’s the only story I know first hand, and not too many of us are around to tell it any more.

We look forward to your posts, Billax, however irregular, though we promise not to burden you with expectations. Take it from me and take your time crafting them, if only to catch the typos and faulty math. — CC

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