The Bruce Boyer Alumni Profile

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Today Lehigh University put up a lengthy profile on G. Bruce Boyer from a piece that ran in the school’s alumni magazine. I supplied some quotes about my avuncular colleague who’s certainly inspired me in my own writings on clothes. Check it out here. — CC

Dateline 1960: A Time For Greatness — Updated

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Update: A time for greatness indeed. Cuban cigars will become legal for the first time since the Kennedy administration.

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The last in our troika of JFK-themed posts is the announcement of a new book by Taschen. The $150 tome reproduces the article “Superman Comes To The Supermarket,” which Norman Mailer penned for Esquire in 1960. Also included are some 300 photos for the hardcore Camelot fan. Below is Taschen’s description of the book. — CC

With his Hollywood good looks, boundless enthusiasm, and mesmeric media presence, John F. Kennedy was destined to capture the imaginations of the more than 70 million Americans who watched the nation’s first televised presidential debate. Just days after beating out Richard Nixon by the narrowest margin in history, Kennedy himself said, “It was the TV more than anything else that turned the tide.”

But one man begged to differ: writer Norman Mailer, who bragged that his pro-Kennedy treatise, “Superman Comes to the Supermarket,” had “won the election for Kennedy.” The article, published in Esquire magazine just weeks before polls opened, redefined political reporting with Mailer’s frank, first-person voice identifying Kennedy as the “existential hero” who could awaken the nation from its postwar slumber and conformist Eisenhower years. Both Kennedy and New Journalism had arrived.


Manly Trad

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This morning comment-leaver “SE” pointed out on our last post that Norman Mailer was a pretty trad dresser. Even more so than JFK, the subject of his 1960 Esquire article. Behold the embodiment of “manly trad.” — CC (Continue)


A Light Extinguished: Photographer Phil Stern, 1919-2014

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Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy, Kennedy Inaugural, Washington, D.C, 1961

Renowned photographer Phil Stern, who documented World War II and stars of Hollywood and the jazz scene, has died at the age of 95.

Stern did much work for LIFE Magazine and many of his images are instantly recognizable, such as this iconic shot of James Dean.

The above photo, in keeping with our JFK administration theme (the last post, and one more to follow), was taken at the president’s inaugural ball. — CC


Chipps Ahoy: Hail Paul Winston While You Still Can

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This week Paul Winston, scion of the Chipp dynasty, told me that the space he is currently sharing will lose its lease come next spring. As Paul is getting long in the tooth (not to mention his cutter, who’s about to turn 86), Paul will use the change to close the curtain on his tailored clothing business.

OK, a Winston Tailors item isn’t exactly a Chipp, but it’s a connection to the Ivy heyday and now is your last chance to choose one of Paul’s wacky linings and have something made from a man with Ivy in his blood.

Paul is at 28 W. 44th Street and can be reached at 212.687.0850.

His tie business is going strong and Paul intends to offer his knits, grenadines and ancient madders indefinitely. — CC

Photo via


Bill Of Wrongs

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EPSON scanner image

Bill Cosby is invoking his right to remain silent, so to speak, on the flood of allegations against him.

Cosby was the subject of an Ivy Style post during year one for his role — and wardrobe — on the TV show “I Spy.”

As seen in the photo above, taken during a performance at Carnegie Hall, Cosby wore the Ivy League Look when it was smart, current and respectable, and like many others stopped wearing it when the look went out of fashion.

With new shows in development cut by two different networks, it looks like Cosby himself is peremanently out of fashion.

This weekend the Washington Post came out with a detailed timeline of Cosby’s alleged assaults. — CC

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