Manly Trad

Today we revisit one of the great icons of manly trad, who always gave the impression that, at any moment, he might take off his sack jacket, club tie and oxford and arm-wrestle Muhammad Ali. 

The Enigmatic Artist Known As gnosssh

gnosssh is an enigma. The world of preppy-style artists on Instagram isn’t huge, so it wasn’t long after I started exploring that area that @gnosssh made its way into my recommended accounts to follow. However, the account lists no name, bio or website, follows zero other accounts, and shares no images of who might be

Andy Warhol In Brooks — And Chrome

Around the corner from me at the Newport Art Museum, there’s a new Andy Warhol exhibit that opened last month. It’s a good enough excuse to revisit this post from nearly a decade ago when a chrome statue of the artist was revealed in New York. The Times provided the following quote about Warhol’s conventional

Uncompromising & Visionary: Remembering Norman Hilton

Ivy Style had the somber privilege of sharing the news of Norman Hilton‘s death back in 2012, and now, lest his name be forgotten at this tumultuous time in American retailing and American society, we revisit this post. May it serve as a reminder that the qualities of being both uncompromising and visionary can carry

Something Solid: An Interview With Artist Andrew Mashanov

You’ve no doubt noticed a number of artist profiles over the past few months. We continue the ongoing tribute to those keeping alive the great tradition of menswear illustration with this interview with Andrew Mashanov conducted by Ivy Style contributor ZG Burnett. * * * IS: Please tell us about yourself, and about your background

Tailor Caid, Japan’s Jazz-Ivy Mad Man

Today we revisit the work of a man devoted to the preservation of the Ivy League Look in its pure — albeit office attire — form: Yuhei Yamamoto, who operates out of Tokyo under the name Tailor Caid. Hardcore Ivy fans will know him from his blog, which features a vast library of vintage images

Color Theory: An Interview With Artist Wes Robinson

Wes Robinson is one of those inherent creative types, and we’re fortunate that the object of his interest just happens to be Ivy style. A synesthete, Robinson wields his condition like a secret weapon, and, combined with his talent for brushwork, creates delightful little portraits of some well-dressed fellows. Though that is hardly the extent

You Don’t Know Jack: An Interview With Rowing Blazers Founder Jack Carlson

Rowing Blazers is weird. The people that inhabit the fashion world label it a neo-prep brand and point to items like 3/2 button stance blazers in patterns like blackwatch or gun club check, or chunky shawl collar cardigans. Conversely, prepsters are leery to accept a brand that sells collaboration hoodies and graphic-print tees into their

Mitt Romney: A Preppy, Ivy Kinda Guy

Recently we revisited the subject of nomenclature as it relates to our cherished style and its various branches and manifestations on the historical timeline. Today we examine “Ivy” and “preppy” once again, this time through a politician whose time in the spotlight has ended. Of course, he’d abandoned his trad kit long before that. *

Holly And The Ivy: Retro Rocker Nick Waterhouse

If you haven’t heard of this great musician with great style, here’s a reminder to give him a listen. * * * The June issue of GQ, while also including Justin Bieber, devotes a full-page profile to Nick Waterhouse, a Southern California singer and guitarist who takes his music clues from Buddy Holly and songwriters

Hot Or Not? George Frazier, Charlie Davidson & The Duende Game

Recently I had drinks with members of Charlie Davidson’s family, and the subject of George Frazier and the duende game came up, which made said family member shake their head, as if it had come up one too many times at the dinner table. For those who don’t know what “duende” is, proceed to become

Mitchy Matchy

The past few summers I’ve gone into Nature Man mode. I think there’s a post called “hippie Ivy,” and I’ll probably do a surfer hippie Ivy post in September at the end of my first summer in Newport. But previously I was able to balance the barefoot, shirtless wanderings through Central Park with a jacket

It’s Fun To Dress Up: An Interview With Artist Aaron Chang

Aaron Chang is an avid and very talented illustrator of Ivy style. I can’t recall when or how I first discovered Aaron’s work, but I firmly recall two things: I’d never seen “Ivy style art” before, and I absolutely adored his illustration style. I followed his account immediately, and eagerly refreshed my feed daily to

George Frazier & Lord Of New York

Lord Of New York may sound like a comic-book villain, but it’s actually a lesser-known Ivy haberdasher. It came up in conversation at a Paul Stuart event recently with a fellow who sells menswear on eBay under the username mack11211. Mack told me about a few bespoke Lord suits made in 1963 he has for

Gorey Story

The name Edward Gorey (1925 – 2000) is almost as elusive as the man himself, conjuring either immediate recognition or hesitant diffidence. Even for the former, the breadth of his work is generational. From designing the Tony Award-winning set and costumes for a 1977 Broadway revival of Dracula, to the opening sequence of WGBH’s Mystery!

California Dreaming: The Art Of Kenton Nelson

Kenton Nelson grew up during the 1950s and ’60s. He started his career as an illustrator and graphic designer before launching a painting career at age 40. He works a ten-hour day, every day, in his studio in Pasadena, California. Nelson describes his style as “narrative idealism.” Nelson’s influences include the work of the WPA artists of