Yesterday a link to a slideshow of the young Mitt Romney somehow made its way into my inbox. I took a look and wasn’t surprised to learn that the son of Michigan’s governor and former prep school student was raised on natural shoulders, oxford buttondowns and rep ties.

At least while it was current and fashionable.

In the ’70s he went hairy like most everybody else, and today the Harvard alum looks just like any other politician: sanitized for television and downplaying his elite background with populist pablum.

Above, an ad for the local menswear shop (taken from this Washington Post slideshow). Below, yearbook photo:

Bottom row, third from left, in what looks like corduroy:

He’s in there somewhere amid the sea of Weejuns:

I believe these date from his years at Stanford:

Cruising around France in a suit. Must be a Mormon thing:

By the time Romney made it to Harvard (for a joint Juris Doctor and Master’s of Business Administration), he already had a family and the heyday of the Ivy League Look had passed and the LL Bean Preppy Seventies were dawning. — CC