Yellow Pants, Athletic Socks, Velvet Slippers: JFK’s Christmas Outfit, 1962

It’s not too late to change your clothes and pull a JFK for the rest of Christmas Day. These wonderful candids were posted this morning to Ivy Style’s Facebook group and feature JFK celebrating his final Christmas in Palm Beach in 1962. He is dressed in white shirt, necktie, yellow trousers, white athletic socks, and crested velvet slippers.

Merry Christmas to Ivy Style readers and contributors! — CC

9 Comments on "Yellow Pants, Athletic Socks, Velvet Slippers: JFK’s Christmas Outfit, 1962"

  1. The white athletic socks were certainly regulation Ivy League at the time, but not with a necktie!

  2. Prince Radziwill certainly isn’t wearing white socks with his patent leather opera slıppers.

  3. I really like the look, if it was loafers instead of slippers.

  4. The slippers is the whole point! We’ve seen him in loafers plenty of times. This is him in velvet slippers — and with athletic socks! That’s some major league Ivy GTH!

  5. Touché, Christian. It really does look good nonetheless. I especially like the two stripes on the top of his athletic socks.

  6. I covet those striped socks. For years they were my go to casuals but have disappeared in favor of the horrible long ones. One more thing I should have stocked up on

  7. You should be able to purchase the athletic socks at American Apparel. The cherry on top being they are made in the USA.

  8. Would like to know who made his shoes and what coat-of-arms was on them, oh well.

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