Life Of The Party: Formal Fun Shirts

So when you’re wearing your favorite herringbone sportcoat to your “creative black tie” parties this year (see our previous post), why not get creative with your shirt, too. ThredHeads is a mother and daughter startup that’s putting a neo-prep and formal spin on the Brooks Brothers fun shirt. According to the company, the shirts are

Kamakura Shirts: The Classic Buttondown Returns To Madison Avenue

Although it was founded in a small historic Japanese town, last week Kamakura Shirts opened at its spiritual home: Madison Avenue. Why spiritual home? Because, according to the company’s marketing materials, “the Ivy League style is in our soul.” Located at 400 Madison, just one block from J. Press and four from the Brooks flagship,

Brooks & Hooks: The Cambridge Model Updated Sack Jacket

Update: I’ve just returned from Brooks, where I was able to try on and measure a Cambridge jacket. A 40 long measures 30.5 inches from the bottom of collar; industry standard is 32, so a Cambridge long is actually shorter than a regular in other models. I liked the shoulders. The lapels are very narrow:

A Closer Look: Crittenden’s Ivy Sport Coat

As a follow-up to our last post on jacket linings, which included quotes from industry veteran Crittenden Rawlings, I wanted to share more about his new Ivy sportcoat, which we first showed you back in January when I saw it at one of the trade shows. The jackets have finally gone through production and hit

Behind The Scenes With Gant At Yale

Today Gant unveiled its new fall marketing campaign. Back in the spring, when the campaign was prepared, Ivy Style was invited to tag along as the company descended on the Yale campus. It’s all part of Gant’s continued interest in connecting with its roots. Founded in 1949 as a shirt manufacturer in New Haven, CT,

Young Man/Old Man: J. Press And The York Street Collection

The concept of age was the recurring topic of conversation at the J. Press York Street presentation yesterday. Held at the Yale Club and in conjunction with New York Fashion Week, the event drew a surprisingly large crowd of fashion and media types likely more familiar with York Street’s creative directors — Ariel and Shimon

Social Primer Debut Collection

Yesterday K. Cooper Ray, the Southern gent behind Social Primer, debuted his new mini-collection of neckties and blazers. Previously Ray had collaborated with Brooks Brothers, but has now struck out on his own. Held at a presigious private club, models were supposed to represent fraternity pledges and the blazers, in navy and red, come with

First Look At J. Press’ York Street Collection

Yesterday GQ unveiled a first look at J. Press’ new collection under the stewardship of the brothers behind Ovadia & Sons. The collection is entitled York Street and will debut next spring. While the above outfit is perfectly reasonable (ignore, if you can, the hairy model), others leave us scratching our heads. The one below

Skinny-Dipping Congressman A Trad

Last night the kind of kerfuffle that could only exist in an election year made the evening news. Even more indicative of its importance, it made David Letterman’s top 10. It seems another GOP lawmaker was caught with his pants down, this time on the beach in Israel. While on a research expedition, a group

Fall 2012, Season Of The Camp Moc

If Rugby’s fall collection is any indication, fall’s “it” shoe will be an LL Bean-style camp moccasin. After all, the brand does cater to young trendsetters — and followers — and its looks will likely reverberate like ripples on a pond. Rugby’s fall outfits pair the shoe with just about everything. Even the most die-hard,

New Spring/Summer Jackets From Crittenden

It’s market week here in New York, and yesterday I stopped by the small menswear trade show at the Park Lane Hotel, where Crittenden Rawlings was showing. I previously wrote about him in January; Rawlings is a menswear veteran who’s worked for Norman Hilton and Ralph Lauren, and who has brought out a new Ivy-styled

Beau Tied: Introducing Hugh Simms Neckwear

Considering that the necktie is supposed to be dying a slow death, there sure are an awful lot of start-up neckwear companies lately. Most push their made-in-USA credentials, and I think all of us — from nouveau-prep twentysomething to the oldest of old-school traditionalists — who are interested in tailored clothing can laud any new

The Old Money Look: Vintage Ivy Market Heats Up

For those who like your Ivy kosher and don’t mind the smell of moth balls, check out vintage dealer HabuchiHuckaby on eBay. According to his seller profile: I am very fortunate to have an in with some of the Midwest’s best dressed, and sadly fleeting, old-timers. These were the guys who used to grace the

Madras Season: Dexys Midnight Runners

When madras season officially opened on Memorial Day, we ran a post showing George HW Bush clad in a madras sportcoat in company that wasn’t exactly wearing the same (can you imagine Obama or Romney doing that in 2012?) Now that July 4th marks our deeper descent into madras, this time we show the fabric

Vanity Fare: Pocket Guide For The Rake

From the vanity files, for the latest issue of The Rake I was asked to empty my pockets for a section called Pocket Guide, which profiles what the world’s most irrepressibly elegant men [sic] carry in their pockets and on their person. Click here for a PDF of the layout. I donned duds by Haspel,

Bearded Sneaker-Wearing Brooklynites Take Over J. Press

News broke today that the brothers behind Ovadia & Sons have inked a deal with J. Press. The alarmist headline above was in jest, of course. While initial news on Twitter was that they were appointed creative directors, GQ says they are merely designing a special collection. “Our line will have a really cool, young

Preppy On Steroids: The Return Of Argyleculture

Yesterday Women’s Wear Daily reported that Russell Simmons is relaunching his clothing label Argyleculture, this time in partnership with the Joseph Abboud brand. Aimed at “urban graduates,” Simmons described the collection as “preppy on steroids.”

The John Cheever Centennial

Today would be the 100th birthday of John Cheever, who died in 1982. Two news reports you might want to check out are this one by the New York Daily News, and for an English perspective, this one from the Telegraph. I asked Bruce Boyer if he might have any particular insight on one of

Paul Fussell, 1924-2012

Paul Fussell, author of the mordantly hilarious “Class: A Guide Through The American Status System,” died Wednesday at the age of 88. “Class” includes an entire chapter devoted to the semiotics of dress, and he aims his wry wit at his own class as much as those above and below. Here’s an excerpt: Upper-middle clothes…