If Rugby’s fall collection is any indication, fall’s “it” shoe will be an LL Bean-style camp moccasin. After all, the brand does cater to young trendsetters — and followers — and its looks will likely reverberate like ripples on a pond.

Rugby’s fall outfits pair the shoe with just about everything. Even the most die-hard, old-school fuddy duddies might just be inspired to look at the shoe in a new way.

For example, here are camp mocs paired with bright cords and a bow tie:

With sweatpants:

With chinos and a parka:

Cargo pants and a Shetland:

Jeans and a peacoat:

And even a sportcoat and a ball cap:

Here’s LL Bean camp moccasin, while first-class passengers can opt for the $245 Quoddy version. — CC