Winter Madras

Sorry for the vacation – sick as a dog but back at it hard now.

Flannel is a tricky fabric for Ivy. On the one hand, natural fiber so it has that going for it. It has a VERY desirable weight – there are days where I don’t feel like throwing on a sweater. And it is casual, something Ivy is deficient at.

But the challenge with flannel is that it is TOO casual, so much so that it gets boxed into the work shirt corner, or the maybe-Sunday-afternoon or when-I-have-Covid corner. (ahem).

There exists, my friend, a solution. It comes from our friends at The Original Madras Trading Company, in the form of a fabric known as Winter Madras. Here’s what I want you to imagine. Imagine the weight of flannel but with an artisan weave pattern that is formal enough to be worn out but casual enough to be untucked. Imagine a diverse palette, enough that you will get “nice shirt!” but not so much that you are 90’s Benneton. THAT is winter madras, and you can see the collection here.

I’m just gonna pull a few things off the rack to show you.

This close up gives you a sense of one of the weights. Maybe 3x original madras, and also a sense of the weave AND the palette. You could definitely wear that shirt out and keep your Ivy cred.

This also gives you a sense of the weight of Winter Madras. They are showing this with a banded collar underneath but you don’t have to wear it like that of course.
ALL the right colors, with khakis. A step up from casual flannel, but the same utility.
Perfect weight for 40’s and 50’s. Temperature 🙂 And again, a look you aren’t going to see duplicated anywhere, but right in the Ivy wheelhouse.
Remember those Sunday afternoons we were talking about?

So again, check out more here. Try one, and you will be back. It is a material unlike anything I have ever felt before, the craftsmanship is A-P-P-A-R-E-N-T. A few of these in the closet for days when you want a compliment.


5 Comments on "Winter Madras"

  1. I like the pink/white pajamas.

  2. Good to hear from you, John! Hope you are feeling a bit better.

    Frankly, almost anything tartan — either Madras, or flannel — gets my vote. Lots of L.L. Bean flannel shirts, corduroy jeans, and Rugby shirts here in the Grand Duchy during evenings and weekends lately. Planning on more of the same when we journey north to Ontario two days after Christmas for some cross-country skiing Christmas Week and through the New Year. Madshus and Swix gear out on the trails of course.

    Kind Regards and Compliments of the Season,


  3. No! Flannel is not acceptable. This us a reach. Keep moving the bar!

  4. I saw this and was going to write you about it first!

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