Last-Minute Halloween Costume Idea: 1930s Princeton Student


Elegance Week and Halloween collide in this last-minute costume idea courtesy of this ad from a 1936 edition of The Daily Princetonian.

Just dust off your old tux, head off to that Halloween party, and say you’re dressed as an elite college kid from the thirties. Since no student dresses this way today, it qualifies as costume.

Don’t fall asleep without brushing your sugar-soaked teeth tonight. We’ll conclude our series on elegance tomorrow with a little show and tell from me. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

4 Comments on "Last-Minute Halloween Costume Idea: 1930s Princeton Student"

  1. You can still get completely outfitted at the U store in Princeton today. Only that oufit will include Princeton logo sweatpants and 16oz Red Bulls.

  2. Last night was trick or treat night in my town. The wife told me one little boy dressed as a golfer from the 1930’s. (She handed out the treats.) She said he had the button down shirt, tie, and sleeveless vest, Kangol cap, and a plastic toy golf set over his shoulder.

    That kid should go far!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. In the mid 80’s several of us dressed in formal attire for a Halloween party….we were students at Oxford c1925 mingling with with our “Yank” cousins.

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