Ivy Notes S3 E1

For those of you who got that message from J. Press that they have gone all digital, fear not. Leave them your address and a paper catalog will be sent. And DO leave them your address.

Jacket and Khakis = Duck Head. Shoes = Sperry. Stay tuned for a great series of reviews of over a dozen categories.

Tomorrow a Q&A with THE Bill of PennBilt and Bills Khakis via Mitchell.

Thursday a review of Classic Fella’s underwear.

Friday the G. Bruce Boyer podcast.


9 Comments on "Ivy Notes S3 E1"

  1. Looking chill, bra. And thanks for disambiguating the puzzle. You’d make an excellent Chief of operations/communications at a decisively engaged HQ, IvyCom.

  2. Spectator loafer, very stylish!

  3. I recently bought some Duck Head khakis.

    I’m really pleased with them.

    The version I purchased had a bit of stretch added to the fabric. Very comfortable and great value for money.

    Sadly they are no longer available in the UK.

    • Hi Adman – you can buy online, yes?

      • Perhaps he doesn’t want to pay for shipping to the UK. If so, he should watch for a sale that offsets the shipping cost. Or, he could look for a UK online retailer that still has a flock (!) of Duck Heads and will presumably charge less for shipping. I think Duck Head has a retailer list at their site.

  4. @whiskeydent:

    Duck Head Retailers:


  5. Looking very trim and well turned out, John!

    Kind Regards,


  6. JB,
    The problem with buying online and shipping to the UK is the tax. Not USA tax but import duties. They’re a killer.
    It makes any USA goods very expensive.

    My trick has been to buy whilst on holiday in the States.DH organised prompt shipping to a holiday rental.

    With regard to buying in the UK, firstly there are no stockists. I rang DH to confirm. Secondly, even going back to when DH was previously around in the Eighties I think there might have only been just one stockists.

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