How Tweed Is Made

There’s a fascinating new 5-minute video out on how tweed fabric is made. If you’re not a nuts-and-bolts geek about clothing craftsmanship, this might just make you one.

Head over to The Atlantic to check it out. — CC

6 Comments on "How Tweed Is Made"

  1. Pretty cool stuff.

  2. Charlottesville | January 9, 2017 at 2:22 pm |

    Beautiful little film. I love Harris Tweed, and it is amazing that it is still hand made by individual crofters. Thanks for posting, Christian.

  3. Sorry, I still have no idea how they make tweed, other than pedaling a bike. Setting up the loom seems like a tedious process. I also wonder if an individual weaver makes just one type of fabric, since changing the loom for different colors and patterns must take a very long time.

  4. Long time fan of the Harris Tweed. Glad to see sales are strong and that people are making a living producing it in that lovely rugged land. Thank you for sharing as always.

  5. Nothing beats a Harris Tweed. Certainly a distinctive look and an absolute suit or armor against the elements.

  6. Agree with WFBjr: the first time I wore a genuine Harris Tweed in nasty weather, what immediately came to mind was, “This is what people wore before Gore-Tex”. As with an Aran sweater, I always assumed it was the lanolin in the wool. Which also always made me think I shouldn’t have it dry cleaned very often (if at all).

    As others have said: haunting little movie; would be interested to learn more details about how we actually get from sheep-to-cloth.

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