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  1. Old Bostonian | March 30, 2022 at 1:09 am |

    Waiting for someone to tell me what’s dégagé about FDR in the photo. Thanks in advance.

  2. @Old Bostonian, I think it refers to S.E.’s comment from the previous post, in which is mentioned the flipped back brim of FDR’s rumpled-looking hat, etc.

  3. His tie is also somewhat askew.

  4. FDR, slope-shouldered and sometimes tweedy and almost always wrinkly-collared, often appeared disheveled and rumpled–at the very least, supremely relaxed. With himself –and the company of others.

    A favorite picture:

    I’m not an expert on the subject of dégagé. I’m assuming some degree of formality is essential, otherwise doesn’t it spiral downward into indolence?

    I posted the picture, it is great, thx. Degage is something I started over at the FB group a few years ago, it means almost exactly the way you describe FDR above. All the elements, but without the spinal stick. And if you want to add an element that isn’t spot on Ivy, have at it. – JB

  5. Excellent. I know the Ivy-Style crowd voted George H. W. Bush as the “preppiest president” a number of years ago, but I contend that FDR is, overall, the most stylish president of the 20th Century.

  6. Carmelo Pugliatti | March 30, 2022 at 8:45 pm |

    Gee..what great tailored “Ike jacket” have Ike !

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