Today is another muggy summer day, and with nothing particular to do but sit at the computer between trips to the laundromat, I’m wearing a white t-shirt with chino shorts, canvas sneakers, and my boll weevil crest belt.

But it would never occur to me to put on a buttondown and sportcoat over my white tee and actually go somewhere other than the laundromat.

About an hour ago I placed the above photo, which was posted by the outfit’s wearer on the Film Noir Buff forum, on Ivy Style’s Facebook page and asked readers what they thought of the white tee under a buttondown. Discussion came fast and furious, so I thought I’d put it to a vote here.

Cool or lame?

It seems a look the English Ivy guys go for, though I’m not sure what vintage advertisement, film, or album cover they got it from. There’s something Richie Cunningham about it:


Preps wear turtlenecks and polos under oxfords, but not tees. Then again, who cares what the preppy rulebook says, right? It either looks good or it don’t, so have at it. — c C m