This week saw the 50th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” a fine excuse to present a gallery of the film’s star Anthony Perkins. With his wholesome looks and penchant for the Ivy style, Perkins was perfect to play the apparently good-natured but in fact deranged killer Norman Bates.

Addendum: Reader rojo left a comment with this great quote from Tab Hunter’s autobiography:

“As I toweled off, someone approached and formally introduced me to a new actor in town, Anthony Perkins. Tony was tall and skinny, wearing a buttoned-down Brooks Brothers shirt and aviator-style reading glasses. He looked like a gawky New England prep school student who’d taken a wrong turn into this hipster’s hideout [Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard]. We shared the common bond of having grown up fatherless, but beyond that, our backgrounds couldn’t have been more different. Tony had attended Florida’s elite Rollins College, as well as Columbia University….”

Above, button-down shirt with ample collar roll. Below, seersucker jacket and yellow oxford:

Madras tie:

Couple of crewnecks:

And finally, in what looks like a high school yearbook shot, tweed jacket with pinned collar and knit tie: