Some months ago we ran a photo of a striped sportcoat. Either that or I mentioned finding them cool. Whichever it was, I remember several readers chiming in to say that this was a faux pas, that stripes only belong on suits, and that a striped sportcoat was destined to look like an orphaned suit.

Well probably because I’m a sportcoat guy rather than suit guy, I think the gent on the left below is a lot more stylish than the one on the right:


Yes, striped odd jackets were once as Ivy as, well, the color olive. Though rarely seen today save for the occasional model from J. Press…


… striped sportcoats (often a herringbone with a beaded stripe running through the pattern) were once ubiquitous, as evidenced by the vintage specimens regularly dug up by Newton Street Vintage, which provided the image at top as well as this one:


A couple more fabrics in close-up:



But striped odd jackets aren’t just for winter tweeds. It’s tough to guess exactly what kind of jacket provided the inspriation for the drawing below..


… but it made me think of cricket or regatta blazers, such as this one, which I thought the finest piece in Brooks Brothers’ new Gatsby collection:


And although the stripes are very fine, I suppose seersucker, when worn as jacket only, fits the theme of this post, as in this pink model from O’Connell’s:


Striped motifs are a staple of menswear, used for suits, shirts, ties, socks and belts. But like everything else, striped sportcoats are a matter of taste. So what do you think? Are they due for a comeback, or are they an endangered species for good reason? — c C m