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W. David Marx, who recently gave us his interview with “Take Ivy” author Toshiyuki Kuroso, today shared on Ivy Style’s Facebook page his Pinterest devoted to Japanese Ivy books he’s discovered. It’s another fascinating glimpse into Japan’s longstanding reverence for American natural-shouldered clothing.

Marx’s research also uncovered the photo below, from a 1965 issue of the magazine Men’s Club, depicting a guest at the Tokyo release party for book and film “Take Ivy.”


Speaking of Facebook, join our group if you haven’t already. It’s been more active lately and is a great place to share your own finds and connect with buttoned-down brethren from around the world. — CC

4 Comments on "Japanese Ivy Books Pinterest"

  1. Jeff Jarmuth | April 8, 2013 at 3:13 pm |

    I’d give my right arm for that madras blazer in 44R.

  2. Hey Mr. Jarmuth, hit O’Connell’s in Buffalo, NY. They have a huge selection of deadstock bleeding madras sportcoats and pants. Check them out at oconnellsclothing.com.

  3. Give a leg instead, Jeff. No sense in sacrificing for that shoulder expression if you’re gonna only have one.

  4. The Japanese Ivy/Trad thing–it reminds me that Ivy really is just damned cool.

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