Last fall we declared the camp moccasin the shoe of the season. No idea if we were right, but making the call was fun.

This season our trendwatch antennae have received enough signals for us to call spring 2013 the season of the boat shoe. Brooks Brothers has unveiled the epic patch-madras shoes above, which will be tough to beat.

Ralph Lauren made this pitch on its website:


And J. Crew recently sent out this mailer with a fleet of boat-shoe variations:


I wear classic Sperrys myself, but the brand has a plethora of options, such as these:


At a recent Allen Edmonds presentation, the brand was showing its hefty Port Washington boat shoe, which a spokesperson describes thusly:

It’s a sturdier sole than most boat shoes. As you know, most guys that are wearing boat shoes are not in fact on a boat. These are ones you could wear all summer long and not have sore feet after blocks of walking.


Bass substitutes tassels for laces:


For those who’d like to gently mock the trend, there are these boat-shoe shorts from Brooks Brothers. Wear any shoe you like with them, just as long as it’s not a boat shoe:


We’ll conclude with a vote. Bon voyage. — CC