There are several bits of news here in Tradsville, so let’s take care of them all at once.

First off is a new e-book by Sven from Gentleman’s Gazette. The book is on the style of the 1930s and includes a number of Apparel Arts and Esquire images you may not have seen before, several of which feature a university setting from the time when college men were considered among the best dressed in the country.

Head over here, where you can get a free PDF copy of the book if you sign up for GG’s newsletter.

Next up, yesterday saw the release of the first lookbook by Harry Stedman, a small retro Americana-inspired UK brand. The photos are a bit “Wild Ones”/James Dean/rockabilly/Main Street, but they’re top notch and it’s nice to see tassel moccasins in a cool setting:


 Also from the UK is a new shirt line called Fitzgerald’s Clothiers that has brought out a green oxford-cloth buttondown as worn by Miles Davis:

miles green

The York Street marketing machine has kicked in, as yesterday J. Press tweeted that $145 York Street sweatpants were featured in Men’s Journal. The image below shows the sweats on the Press website, where they’re paired with a bow tie. I suppose there is a logical reason why this could happen, such as coming back from a noontime workout and getting called into an emergency meeting before having finished getting dressed:


Finally, I field questions from a popular Finnish menswear blog and opine on the versatility of this great clothing genre of ours:

In the Ivy League Look I found a genre of clothing that is fairly fixed, which perhaps appeals to my sense of order. But it’s also flexible enough to appeal to all the sides of my personality. It can be cool, elegant, sporty, conservative. I also strongly identify with the approach of being relatively dressed up with casual attire and relatively dressed down with formal attire.

I’ve never been a retro-eccentric vintage wearer, though I’ve always taken my inspiration from the past. These days I’m playing with this kind of “beatnik chic” idea, which basically comes down to wearing my Ivy gear with, say, a black corduroy cap, black cable-knit cashmere sweater, and black penny loafers. But ask me next year and I’ll likely be working a different vibe.

Ciao for now. — CC