Drones Club: IBM’s New HQ in ’62

As a follow-up to our recent post on IBM president and Chipp customer Thomas J. Watson, Jr., Ivy-Style presents the following photo spread. In “IBM Story,” Life Magazine chronicled the company’s new headquarters in Dayton, NJ, which IBM moved into in the fall of 1962. (Click images for hi-res version.)

Time changes perspective, and perspective changes everything. IBM at midcentury was the epitome of corporate-drone conformity, a punchline for beatniks, a monolithic organization where souls went to die.

Fifty years later, it looks kinda cool: Modern architecture, swingin’ sixties secretaries, eggheads in lab coats, cigarettes and cocktails, sleek suits and slim ties. Human Resources, I’d like to submit my resumé. — CC

Thanks to Valet Mag for linking to this story.

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  1. I used to sling 2400′ reels of tape on those tape drives, run payroll, process insurance premiums and claims, all in a days work on an IBM 360/30 at the Agricultural Insurance Company in Watertown, NY. We got bought by Carl Linder’s empire and became Great American Insurance Company of Cincinnati, OH. A great place to work.

    When I first went to work for the Agricultural Insurance Co (“The Ag”) as it was known in town, I thought this was the best job in the whole wide world. That was 1972 – man oh man… how things have changed.

    Thanks for posting this IBM series. Great work, good material and Watson was a gentleman (again — things have changed).

  2. I would put money down that many IBM employees today go to work in jeans and a t shirt

  3. I saw a photo similar to the one of that formation of guys in suits, narrow ties, etc. that was taken of the engineers who staffed NASA’s Houston Space Center during the 1969 moon landing mission. Only the NASA engineers had shorter hair and wore plastic pocket protectors with pens sticking out.

    The photo was titled: revenge of the geeks. And so it was.

  4. Christian | June 8, 2009 at 9:19 pm |

    AldenPyle at Andy’s Trad Forum also posted these astronaut/NASA photos:


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