Brave New World: IBM Style Encore

The corporate conformists take a curtain call as we complete our troika of posts on IBM. After all this sartorial sobriety, we promise something bright and fun for the next post.

In the meantime, let us peer once again into the offices of International Business Machines, circa 1962.

The shots almost have a sci-fi vibe to them. I love the contrast between the vintage computers and simple, formal dress. Today’s web start-ups and flip-flops just aren’t the same.

Just because you have to wear a white shirt every day doesn’t mean you don’t get an occasional company party. This one’s about as lively as they get.

Parting shot: Man creates machine then wonders, “What have I done?”

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4 Comments on "Brave New World: IBM Style Encore"

  1. Thanks for the last couple of days of pics. ‘Love the glimpse of the Saarinen chairs in the conference room above. Great caption to the last photo.

  2. I would rather work in a sartorial environment like the one pictured here than the one that is nearly ubiquitous now. Yes, I wear a hat, jacket, and tie to work, every day–and my co-workers wear denim, tennis shoes, polo shirts, and similar, slovenly leisure wear.

  3. it is “cool” now to be a slob that doesn’t care about anything…

  4. I would love to work in this environment. I not only love the clothes, but the architecture and general design as well. Reading these posts has been a great treat. Thank you so much for the site. I am a huge fan.

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