The title pretty much says it all: Two-wheeled, beweejuned eye candy. Bookmark this post, because these images also act as antidepressants. It’s impossible to feel sad while looking at a pretty girl with a smile on her face peddling a bicycle.

Or just standing anywhere near a bicycle:

Don’t ogle this one too much: She’s your little sister:

So’s this one:

But you can stare at this one all you want. And God created woman:

Here’s a contemporary cutie found through a random Google search. Married, unfortunately:

Vassar girls from our story by Rebecca C. Tuite (who’ll be contributing tomorrow’s bike post):

Why restrict ourselves to just penny loafers? From our previous post on the first co-eds at Princeton:

Saddle shoes at Vassar, 1936:

Do they still make bicycles built for two? I’d like to do the entire Tour de France with this one:

Here’s a bike built for two, as in pennies and saddles:

This girl’s on the lacrosse team. You can also find her on page 127 of “The Official Preppy Handbook.” — CC

Images 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 11 copyright Time Inc. Image 3 Corbis. Image 7 Vogue.