Ivy Notes S1 E8

First, the WOCBD review is working out.  Next up is Eagle.  If you have not heard of Eagle, they are a line Macy’s carries.   There are plenty of readers here who know the business better than I, maybe you can get us some history of the brand.   On the Victor post we got into a pretty good discussion about price.  These start at $69.

It was interesting, too.  I left the Victor post up for a while because there was a good deal of back and forth, mainly in email but in the comments, as well, about a number of topics.  How Europeans measure things, price, etc.  In the site redesign, we are making it easier to have those conversations.   More on that as we go along.

Speaking of the WOCBD review,  no less that Richard Press himself cited our work.   You can read his review of our review here.

I am also reviewing some more Kent Wang items tomorrow.  I am wearing his polka dot knit tie today, and got a few compliments already over on the FB group.

Speaking of the FB group, we are adding women left and right.   Here are some:

The woman in the center and the one on the right were posts. The woman on the left with the amazing glasses is a reader who studied the group for a year and rebuilt her husband’s wardrobe from scratch.  IT IS SUCH A COOL STORY.   I asked for a picture of her to post.


Oh, and I have been remiss.  Laura Arnold has been hitting home run after home run.  Here:

My friend Laura Arnold.


Or here:

My friend Laura Arnold, again.

On Thursday, the review of G. Bruce Boyer’s True Style.  If you want to buy a copy first and follow along, you can get one here: buy this book, seriously, hurry up. 



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  1. Hooray for the J. Press OCBD! They used to offer Nantucket red OCBDs (made in the USA) with their distinctive flap pocket.

    It’s ironic that J. Press sells so many inherently New England (i.e. Nantucket) prep styles yet they don’t have a store in the Boston area.

    The closure of the Cambridge outpost was truly a sad chapter in Boston’s long legacy of being “America’s worst-dressed city.”

  2. I’m sure the people of Ukraine would welcome any article of clothing the IS community would care to contribute.

    How would we do it? – JB

  3. Laura Arnold might be one of the best-dressed people on the Internet.
    I’m not on FB, so it’s very nice to see more examples of Ivy style across the gender spectrum on the infrequent occasions they may show up here on the site.
    I look forward to reading more OCBD reviews. There are so many makers out there. It’s surprising, given the supposed diminishing of interest in this kind of thing, how many smaller shirt makers are out there surviving and thriving, (though probably only a handful of them will meet the standards of the most vocal critics here).
    I also look forward to seeing more of Kent Wang’s wares on the site.

  4. Where to donate (IS) clothes?
    A number of independent groups have set up collection points across the UK to gather up clothes and supplies to send out to refugees or offer them on arrival.

    In London:

    The Polish White Eagle Club in Balham, south London, is accepting clothing, bedding and other items to help refugees from Ukraine.

    The North London Collection Centre in Willesden Lane, north west London is taking nappies, sanitary items, towels, reusable cutlery, toothbrushes and underwear.

    Lewisham Donation Hub on Lewisham High Street in south east London, is taking donations every Sunday.

    Students at UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies are also setting up a collection point for arriving refugees.

    South of England:

    The Polish Club in Southampton is accepting donations of food, warm clothes, bedding and sleeping bags, sanitary and medical supplies.

    Head To Toe Nail Salon, on Winchester Street, Salisbury, is collecting essential items including blankets, new or undamaged clothes and sanitary pads.

    A donation point has also been set up in the town of Westbury in Wiltshire at the Rockhaven Business Park for clothes, toys, food and bedding.

    In the West Midlands:

    Malvern Bakehouse in Malvern, Worcestershire, is collecting baby clothes, soft toys, first-aid items, blankets and sleeping bags.

    And the Beared Broz, a volunteer community in Smethwick, Birmingham, is gathering clothes to send out to refugees.

    In the North:

    TippyToes BabyBank in Preston, Lancashire has been collecting towels, blankets and baby food send to Poland after Friday, 11 March.

    Polish restaurant Agie and Katie in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, is also accepting donations of medical supplies, baby items and sleeping bags.

    In Wales:

    The Friends and Neighbours Centre in Neath, Wales, will be accepting donations from 11am to 1pm on 3 March.

    The Rogue Fox Coffee House in Newport, Wales, is taking donations of thermal clothes, hats and gloves, duvets, blankets, sleeping bags and pillows during this week.

    In Scotland:

    Mossgiel Organic Farm, in East Ayrshire, Scotland has been gathering clothes, blankets, duvets, sleeping bags, toys, nappies and canned food.

    The Co-op on Bridge Road in Banff, Aberdeenshire, has a collection point for people to drop off donations.

    How to find collection points in your area?
    If these collections point are not in your area, you can contact charities such as the British Red Cross and Save the Children directly.

    Alternatively, local charity shops or councils may be able to point you to the nearest donation point.

    Thank you. May I post this? – JB

  5. Most certainly. Please do.
    And thank you, JB.
    I think the spirit of IS is, at the very least, as important as one’s preference in shirts. Wouldn’t you agree?
    Also, all the IS people in your photos above are looking good.
    I think you are doing an absolutely splendid job of it.

  6. Barry Carter | March 8, 2022 at 9:26 pm |

    I applaud every distaff member of the FB group. Laura Arnold has been a welcome voice for awhile. It’s been a breath of fresh air to see others joining her. The occasional misogynistic comment notwithstanding, the ladies and all things Ivy-related which they bring have been needed for awhile. 🧔👍👏🥃🦉

  7. Barry Carter | April 14, 2022 at 1:32 pm |

    John, I am wondering if you will be reviewing a Kamakura WOCBD in this series.
    Also, I was going through a last night and found 5 50 Reg suits which I have only worn once or twice (some never) and am trying to decide what to do with them. I will never be that size again.
    What’s your take on the Andover WOCBD vs JPress if you were only going to buy one. I’m deliberately leaving BB, Mercer and a few others out.
    My birthday is in October. 🧔🎉🦉

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