In 1969 the old-boy network at America’s most stylish university was broken with the admission of female students.

The fellow above is clearly pleased with the change. Not only in the student body (and what a body it is), but with campus fashion. Sartorially speaking, the pivotal year of change — 1967 — was two years before, and the up-to-date undergrad is now sporting double vents and sideburns. You decide which is the greater travesty.

My grandpa would call this one “cuter than a bug’s ear.” And she’s got a sense of humor, too: The button reads, “Bring back the old Princeton”:

Another example of the decline in standards of male dress — and hygiene:

Out of the darkness and into the light. Next up: coed dorms:

Now that summer’s over, we’ll continue to post some back-to-school themed photos from the Life archives. That is, if there’s anything left: Like petroleum, they give the illusion of being an infinite resource. — CC