That ’70s Soap

Our little run of ’70s-themed posts has been brought to you by St. Johns Bay Rum and its fragrant and practical soap-on-a-rope.

For those of you who don’t remember the ’70s, when the item was popular, soap-on-a-rope isn’t just a silly novelty. If you have a shower that lacks a ridged shelf for soap, you’ll notice that the soap sticks to the rim of the tub to such a degree that you practically need a crowbar to pry it off. Soap-on-a-rope solves this morning annoyance, in addition to waking you up with the scent of rum and bay leaves, not to mention making you smell good. Here are the specs from St. Johns:

Triple milled to create a luxurious, creamy and fragrant lather for gentle cleaning, this unique triple refining process produces beautiful bars of soap that are sturdy, glossy, smooth and long lasting.

Proudly milled in the USA, our soaps combine olive oil and plant based glycerin, are vegan and cruelty free:

  • Olive oil:  non-allergenic & cleanses without stripping away skin’s natural oils
  • Glycerin:  Highly moisturizing

A gentleman’s size – 7 oz. soap bar – is perfect for a creamy lather pre-shave or a shower.

Head over here to rein some in.