Richard Press On Home From Here.

The blurb: Episode 17 John talks to Richard Press, a friend of Frank Sinatra, who sings Jimmy Durante and Al Jolson, and who is a gifted storyteller who also happens to be the “patriarch of the most important family in men’s traditional fashion.’ The show opens with a Springsteen cover, the Richard takes us from his thoughts on Kanye to the most important life lessons he has gleaned in his 85 years, the secret to his 61 year thriving marriage, and why he is still so cool to teenagers.

Here’s the show.

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  1. Opening up the show by singing a five minute song about 9/11 is…a choice.

  2. In all seriousness, I liked the stories but I can’t help but wonder if perhaps an introduction of who Mr. Press is would have been worthwhile? A brief overview of what J. Press is and their place in Ivy history would perhaps be more meaningful to anyone tuning in that is not already familiar with his work. But great interview all around. What a charmer!

    • I politely refer you to the other posts on the site about the show. It is a talk show about people, music, mental health, and anything uplifting.

      • Forgive me for being unclear, but I meant an introduction to who Richard Press is for people who might just be tuning into the station from elsewhere and Not the Ivy Style website.

        • I hear you. I struggle with that. The problem is that for this piece I wanted to focus on Richard the man. There is so much wisdom there, I could have done another two hours. I did lead with the “patriarch of the most important family in men’s traditional fashion.” I hoped that would lay the ground work?

  3. Carlton Chiswick | November 6, 2022 at 3:13 am | Reply

    Am I the only one who’s still unable to access the show?
    Looking forward to hearing it.

  4. Mr. Press: “Mr. Sinatra, I went to (the all-male) Dartmouth in rural New Hampshire”.

    Mr. Sinatra: “So Ritchie, what did you do for broads? Let’s go to the bar around the corner and grab some Jack Daniels. And call me Frankie”.

    John, this was the best part of the interview. Well done!

    • I know, right? And the great thing is, he knew exactly when to put his foot on the pedal and when to take it off. “So Ritchie, what did you do for broads?” AMAZING

  5. Richard Press is a national treasure and this interview is priceless because he gives us wonderful stories, but more importantly because he reflects on life with courageous honesty. Honesty, for those of you who are young and naive, is a very expensive gift, and you don’t get it from cheap people.

  6. “The Party’s Over”. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard that one. I wonder how many guys even remember that song. Bobby Darin did what is likely the definitive version, but I just heard, for the first time, Marvin Gaye sing it. Pretty darn good. Thanks, Richard. And as Frankie would say, “Don’t quit your day job.” 😉

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