Oh For A President Who Goes Sockless In Weejuns

Remember the days when America had a president who would go sockless in penny loafers? Outside the Oval Office, that is. That president was a Kennedy, and in order to bring back that tradition, it will no doubt take another Kennedy.

On Thursday Town & Country posted an interview with Joe Kennedy III with the headline “Meet The Next President Kennedy.” The piece features a shot of the present Massachusetts congressman with his family, wearing rolled-up khakis and sockless penny loafers.

Alas, a Weejuned presidency may be too much to hope for. At the end of the lengthy article is a note that the photo shoot was styled and tailored. — CC

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  1. Love the pictures in this article – Joe continues the ivy tradition and brings the look up to date. Great fit. Great look.

  2. Meet the next President Kennedy? Uh, no. Given all the revelations of the Kennedy clan, it’s wishful thinking. Political dynasties are no longer relevant re: Bush, Clinton. The Kennedy mystique has long since faded.

    But good job on styling and branding, right down to the 60’s Jackie sleeveless sheath. Maybe a little too obvious.

  3. I already have Dyin’ Ted jr. ruining the 13th district, don’t need insult to injury.

  4. Vern Trotter | July 9, 2017 at 7:47 pm |

    The latest Cong. Joe Kennedy can stay in Congress, moving up to the Senate with the next opening. As long as he doesn’t do something stupid like abuse his wife, as his dad did his mother, he is good to go for the rest of his life up there.

    As far as Presidential ambition, the failed list from the People’s Republic since uncle JFK is long: Uncle Teddy Kennedy, Mike Dukakis, John Kerry, Mitt Romney and likely soon, Pocahontas Warren. The rest of the country seems to dislike Mass. politicians. Still he may get bored as a legislator and give it a try. Kennedys usually do not run unless they are pretty confident of winning though.

    It is a very good piece from T & C; better than their usual these days.

  5. In today’s poisonous environment, I think a sockless-Weejuns white male President would get hammered from the left and/or right for whatever half-witted resentments that look triggered.

  6. >At the end of the lengthy article is a note that the photo shoot was styled and tailored.

    Of course. If this was a candid pic of the family at a resort or family vacation home I’d be immensely impressed with the fashion astuteness. I googled JKIII and his most dappered self came in form when he was at a meeting regarding politics. I found a picture of him and his wife at some black and white event, with him wearing a very poorly fitting tuxedo.

    This doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate and admire the T&C picture (I think the family looks precious and I love how they look), it’s just that, like a movie and its red carpet event, it’s all planned with the actors gussied up. In real life they don’t dress that way; many don’t look nearly as attractive without makeup.

  7. Classmates called him “the beacon”? How contrived.


  8. “Bass Lives Matter” Oh, it’s a MA thing? OK, got it. What’s he do after playing with the kid, dance on the beach with his wife (you know who)? I’m feeling…oops, excuse me for a moment…

  9. Same old vitriol from the same old commenters.

  10. Nice article, I’m sure will we be seeing more of this young Kennedy in the future. Hoping he sticks with some of those stylist’s tips.

    Nippy, how can you accuse others of vitriol when it’s in your name? Shame on you for ruining the streak of great & funny comments!

  11. Jonathan Sanders | July 11, 2017 at 7:17 am |

    The styling part is disappointing. One great thing about the Kennedy’s was that their style was not self conscious. Here, it’s a look. If they were trying to capture that Kennedy style, they achieved the opposite.

  12. Great article. Hope he does run. I’d like to see a young Kennedy back in the mix. Irrespective of the fact I disagree with him on almost everything, it’d be good to see someone with political pedigree that’s not a Bush or Clinton on stage. We’re gonna be seeing a lot of these scions emerge over the next 10-15 years: Chelsea, George P. Bush, Gavin Newsom, Jack Schlossberg, Ivanka and Don Jr, The Romneys et.al.

  13. @WFBjr

    I admit that it would be good to see a family with traditionalist style occupy the White House. However, I would rather have a pud who buys his non-iron ill-fitting clothes at Walmart who governs as did Reagan than the best dressed communist/socialist/democrat or non-conservative republican. I am able to look past Trump’s attire as long as he continues to put a bug up the rears of liberals to the point that they don’t know whether to sh*t or wind their wrist watches. I’ve decided to regard the scotch tape on the tie as charming much as the duct tape on a pair of weejuns.


  14. Wayne M. Dzwonchyk | July 17, 2017 at 6:50 pm |

    Agree that political dynasties are so yesterday. Please not another Kennedy! Whence this sense of entitlement to be our rulers? JFK was a phony and a worse sexual predator that Clinton, Bobby was a nasty piece of work, and the less said about Teddy the better. But at least whoever styled the photo has some idea of what many Americans would still like their politicians to look like. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

  15. I suspect the current president would disagree vehemently with the contention that political dynasties are finished in the USA. He seems to be very energetically trying to germinate the next one. (To my horror, I hasten to add.)

  16. The real question is, are those really weejuns? They look a little more sleek than standard Bass.

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