Lemmony Snippet

Jack Lemmon, who was born to play the sack-suited, dyspeptic advertising man of the Atomic Age, was also pretty deft on the keyboard, and so we round out this musical weekend with a snippet of his chops in this duet with Dinah Shore. We’ve previously done posts on Lemmon’s films “Good Neighbor Sam,” “Bell, Book And Candle,” and “The Days Of Wine And Roses.” And from the early days of Ivy Style, check out our collection of LIFE Magazine shots, “When LIFE Gives You Lemmons.”

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6 Comments on "Lemmony Snippet"

  1. Seems to me that the suit from “Bell book and candle” is a Brooks Brothers gray flannel suit.
    The iconic American suit of 50s!

  2. Jack Lemmon, a class act all the way. Not many could act so goofy when called to (Felix Unger) and play so elegantly.

  3. My favorite of his movies has to be The Great Race, from 1965. If I had to pick just a few movies to watch over and over in a post-apocalyptic world where women decide, for some inadequately explained reason, to wear armored bikinis instead of practical clothes, that would be one of them.

  4. How to Murder Your Wife with Virna Lisi. Spicey Meatball!! WOOF!!



  5. Why would sane parents with the surname Shore name their baby girl Dinah and thus condemn her to being taunted by other kids as “dinosaur”?

  6. Prescott Trowbridge | May 17, 2021 at 12:19 am |

    Actually her given name was “Fanny Rose”.
    That “Dinah” was her stage name.
    In any case, a strange choice for someone with the last name “Shore”.

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