Lemmon-tations of a Company Man

Our Jack Lemmon series concludes with a look at 1964’s “Good Neighbor Sam,” in which Lemmon plays a wholesome family man who works in San Francisco at — what else? — an advertising agency. He commutes over the Golden Gate Bridge from Marin County, which I too did for a while. Did you know the toll is $6 now?

Lemmon is weary of the boredom and conformity that comes with being a corporate drone. “Every day all the husbands we get up and take the same road into the same traffic jam,” he laments. “We even dress alike: We put on the same gray suit, the hat, the buttondown shirt and the tie — like sheep.”

His life gets a much-needed break from the mundane through a series of mix-ups that cause his neighbors and colleagues to believe he’s involved in wife-swapping.

Below is a taste of “Good Neighbor Sam,” in which Lemmon comes home fresh from a job promotion and instead of finding his wife in the shower, finds Romy Schneider. We should all be so lucky. — CC

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