Our Jack Lemmon movie marathon commences with a retraction. When I did a post on the 50th anniversary of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” I wrote that director Blake Edwards never again reached such heights.

That may be true, but he certainly reached greater depths.

I’d always avoided “Days of Wine and Roses,” as I just never seemed to be in the mood for a searing drama about a couple of drunks.

Well I finally I found myself in just such a mood, and the 1962 Edwards pic, starring Lemmon and set in San Francisco, is riveting. Check it out if you haven’t, and if you have, consider another look.

Like Tony Randall, Lemmon was born to play men who wear natural-shouldered suits and work in advertising agencies. “Days of Wine and Roses” is full of understated, mid-century style. Lemmon is pictured above in sport coat with all the Ivy details — natural shoulder, 3/2roll, sack front, lapped seams — and for a twist, double vents. — CC