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  1. Versace…just kidding 😀

  2. Since most of us are really wearing LL Bean and Lands End khaki chinos, would like to see them included.

  3. Honest Abe,
    Perhsps “many” rather than “most” would have been more accurate, but who knows?

  4. There’s a lot at Sid Mashburn I’d like to see reviewed before purchasing.

  5. Commonwealth Colonel | September 20, 2023 at 11:53 am |

    New-ish shoe company, Beckett Simonon.

    I have not purchased from them yet, but would love to see a review.

    • I have some experience with Beckett Simonon which I can share. I have three pairs, two Oxfords and a loafer, and one pair on order, a wing tip derby.

      Beckett Simonon is a made to order company. They claim that this allows them to be less wasteful with their leather, and those savings are passed on to the consumer. The wait time is two to three months, but they do provide periodic updates about the stage of making.

      As far as the quality of the shoes go, I have no complaints. They are Blake stitched, and in my experience, break in very quickly. They use American sizing, and in my experience they fit true to size. I’ve never had to adjust the size to account for a different last or a different style shoe. In my opinion, my loafer offers a better fit than my Jay Butler loafers (I find Jay Butler to be slightly inconsistent in their size from pair to pair) I have heard others complain that Beckett Simonon is inconsistent in the dying of the leather, but that has not been my experience.

      In my opinion, they are definitely worth the money. Hope this helps.

  6. For Ivy on a budget, Uniqlo.
    Spier & Mackay.

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