Family Ties: Happy Father’s Day From R. Hanauer

Longtime friends and colleagues R. Hanauer are a second-generation family business that makes fine neckwear right here in the US — South Carolina, specifically.

The team sends Father’s Day greetings, with second-gen Randall Jr. sporting a quarantine beard, and third-gen grandson already sporting a bow.

May he spread necktie splendor throughout the 21st century.

Show your patriotism this July Fourth by shopping R. Hanauer’s Independence Collection here.

4 Comments on "Family Ties: Happy Father’s Day From R. Hanauer"

  1. I wonder about tie bowtie’s future.

    I suspect we’ll emerge from this moment chastened—a more serious people. Which is a very good thing. A farewell to silly men, silly ideas, and silliness in general. No more television celebrities holding the highest office in the land; no more indulgence in junk food, professional sports and other vulgarities.

    The southern version of preppy has been afflicted by an overload of pastels, vineyard vines knock-offs, and bowties. Awful. This is a moment that calls for a sort of atonement— some growing up. Some maturing. This, I would contend includes (how we) dress.

    I hope we see a return and maybe even resurgence to grown-up behavior, including but not limited to business dress. And, further, I hope we see a steady decline in the frivolity that has marked our culture and public life. We can only hope.

    This republic may fall eventually, especially if it finally succumbs to the vices of empire. Jefferson and Adams would be shocked to learn their experiment lasted this long. (Actually, Jefferson might claim it dissipated decades ago). The rot grows deep within the soul of a people and spreads inside-out. People get the leaders they deserve because our leaders reflect our priorities and beliefs and aspirations. There’s more of us in the princes and kings we elect than we’d prefer to admit.

    But in the meantime, stand athwart decline yelling “Not yet.” Dress like a serious, sober-minded adult. Not an Ole Miss Kappa Alpha pledge who’s heading back to the keg for “another brew, bro.”

    Worth noting that the manufacturer in question also make long ties.

  2. KPatrickDunn | June 22, 2020 at 11:27 am |

    Well said, S.E.
    I’m happy to say I have noticed my manner of dress has rubbed off on others – in the workplace and even around family.
    One should not necessarily go out of ones way to explain, but when the occasion does arise, mention the benefits of purchasing made in USA (long-term cost benefit of higher quality goods, more strict environmental regulations as compared to foreign goods, etc). This catches on. Be the change … etc etc

  3. PocketSquare | July 11, 2020 at 1:44 pm |

    Very nice family, they are always a pleasure to do business with at trade shows. An abundance of options. Made to order is common with this company. Great article.

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