The Panties Kept Slipping Down: The Weird World Of LL Bean Commenters


Last week New York Magazine ran a piece on its website called “The Weird, Lovely World Of LL Bean Commenters.” The slideshow sampling of comments left on the company’s website (of which #14, my favorite, provided us with our headline), demonstrates a perfect storm of heritage brand with knowledgeable clientele, Internet-enabled peer reviews, and neurotic, finicky people with too much time on their hands. — CC

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  1. I like the author’s proposed dichotomy – Fleece versus non-fleece. I am firmly in the non-fleece camp.

  2. Robert
    There is the original fleece, then there is polyester fleece. Like comparing suede to micro-suede.

  3. Comments not seems to me “weirds”,but very sensibles.
    Is weird regret “when a sweater lasted for decades”?


    But you, Christian, a guy who rhapsodizes about Japanese imitations of 1960s Americana dares call LL Bean commenters “neurotic, finicky people with too much time on their hands”?

    I’m proud to be a “Top 100” LL Bean commenter!

    Does this poetic review of deerskin gloves sound like it was written by a finicky neurotic? (I’ll take The Fifth as to possibly having a bit too much time on my hands…):

    “Yesterday – October 23 – brought the first snowfall of the season into town from the high country. The first one is usually wet and this was no exception. My new Rangeley Gloves filled the bill for hand protection on a damp early winter-in-autumn day that felt colder than the thermometer indicated.

    Nice quality deerskin covers the total palm-side with a double layer where it’s most needed for grip and durability. The synthetic fabric on the back of the hand has a fine weave and looks to be high quality in its own right.

    I especially like the snug but not too tight “wristers” that let the gloves form a weather seal under jacket cuffs without too much bulk.

    Another winner from LL Bean. Think about getting a pair to keep in the car year round “just in case”.

  5. You’re right: everyone needs a hobby.

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