The Fall And Rise Of The Ivy League Look


After nearly six months of silence, the blog known as The Ivy League Look — where commentary by the anonymous curator is “kept to a minimum” — came back with a post yesterday with the 1965 ad above for campus clothes from Benoits.

Head over there to check out the well organized collection of advertisements, photos and articles related to the Ivy heyday.

3 Comments on "The Fall And Rise Of The Ivy League Look"

  1. Benoit’s on Maine Street in Brunswick — within strolling distance of the dorms and fraternity houses of Bowdoin College.

  2. Ivy trivia: the school briefly attended by Charlie Davidson.

  3. Love the article. I used to shop at Doherty’s in Worcester, MA from the 1970’s through its closing in the early 1990’s.
    I certainly miss them, but like many others they are now gone forever.

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