The Editorial Meeting


Yesterday afternoon held an editorial meeting at The Polo Bar, Ralph Lauren’s new restaurant. In attendance were Golden Years columnist Richard Press, Ivy Style founder Christian Chensvold, and Daniel Greenwood, who was filled with bourbon and coerced into becoming a more regular contributor to the site, based on his passionate interest in the wares offered by current trad clothing manufacturers.

As for the setting, everything about it was perfect. The lighting was perfect (though hardly ideal, as you can see, for non-flash photography). The music (Billie Holiday from the ’50s, for example) hummed along at the ideal number of beats per minute to encourage blasé badinage and easy digestion. The walls were the perfect shade of green, the wood paneling the perfect shade of brown. Alcohol was poured generously, tea was hot. Prices were perfectly fair. The nuts were warm (makes a difference), and accompanied by fried olives and seasoned potato chips brought to the table a mere moment after seating. Service was prompt and completely non-snooty, by a diverse staff reflecting the citizens of this cosmopolitan metropolis.

There was one surprise when it came to the decor. In case you thought the word “polo” in the name referred to the brand, it more accurately refers to the sport. All the artwork is devoted to horses and the sport of polo, though there is great variation in the artistic renderings.

As for what the Ivy Style staff was wearing, King Richard The Forty-Fourth displayed the superb sprezzatura of a frayed pocket square that belonged to his father. When removing it for show-and-tell, he managed to get it tangled in his eyeglasses, surely one of the rarest forms of wardrobe malfunction.

DCG was also in fatherly hand-me-downs (or closet robberies, as he more accurately called them), in the form of tweed jacket and vintage Brooks tie. He noted the jacket’s single button on each cuff, and did not take kindly to the suggestion that perhaps the jacket originally had two buttons on each sleeve, that one had fallen off, and that a corresponding one was removed in the interest of symmetry. Below the waist were khakis and penny loafers.

Yours truly was in Viking Prep and Frazier-wannabe mode with lengthening hair and fabric boutonniere, glen-plaid jacket with olive knit tie and cashmere v-neck, grey flannels and penny loafers (my rain shoes).

It was a productive meeting and is quite possible the bar staff will soon know us by name. — CC

Update: More photos can be seen at Masculine Interiors.

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  1. Looking forward to photos of future meetings.
    Sounds like a perfect place to meet.

  2. Charlottesville | January 13, 2015 at 1:42 pm |

    Sounds lovely. I need to add it to my “expense account burger” list for the next visit to the metrop. Did you sample the menu at all? Certainly looks like it would be easier on the ears than Minetta Tavern, and (a bit) easier on the pocketbook than ’21’ or DB Bistro. I hope they will begin opening for lunch in coming days. I eagerly await reports of your future editorial meetings.

  3. DCG will partake of the food on Friday night and be sure to update us.

  4. Hey Chris,
    I have found the J Press “Ivy” double breasted of which Mr Richard Press have write in a previous article on this site:


  5. Long live Viking Prep!

    Incidentally, I came up with this comment before reading the text (but I called it Viking Ivy).

  6. A tradly truss,
    If ever there was.

  7. What were the libations of choice? You must give us the opportunity to weigh in on the tradly nature of your selections.

  8. Ha! I’m quite proud of not using my iPhone to start a thread called “What’s the mostly tradly thing to order at The Polo Bar?” on the Ask Andy Trad Forum.

    It was 4pm and I ordered black tea, and no it had nothing to do with Ralph Lauren’s advertising sponsorship of the television program “Downton Abbey.” If I drink before the sun sets, I fall asleep.

    I’d never have survived heyday Madison Avenue.

    (BTW, John Tinseth picked up the tab.)

  9. Christian,

    Tintin’s last post on The Trad was November 3rd. Did he mention what he is up to?

  10. Probably the usual: getting tipsy and chewing out younger bloggers.

  11. Tinseth has been very active on Tumblr. He posts nearly everyday.

  12. I can think of worse ways to spend a Monday afternoon. You gentlemen and the environs look fantastic! I can’t wait to make my first pilgrimage to the Polo Bar when and if I am ever untethered from the Great Flyover.

  13. 4 pm. Hmm…

    Well, then, we’ve every right to expect at one among this lot enjoyed something gin-based! I’d figure ol’ tin-tin-eroo for a Vesper man. “A sprinkle of Lillet.”

    What looks to be a blazer-tartan flannel shirt combo wins “best dressed” award. No offense to the knotted.

  14. I like how the photographer focused on the teapot.

  15. O tempora, O mores, the ‘hipster’ beard…

  16. I had not thought to see it here, but, of course, if you believe it suits you, and is appropriate, persevere, old fellow.

  17. Not hipster beard. Classical-music connoisseur beard.

  18. Hipster beards don’t have that much gray in them. Nor do hipsters hang out at the Polo Bar (I think).

  19. OK, but you do look a bit like the last surviving Crusader knight in the the third Raiders of the Lost Ark film. When Julian Glover chose the wrong Grail and died, horribly…

  20. That’s actually the look I’m going for, and I’m not kidding.

  21. An update:

    Went for dinner, quick drink beforehand. Everyone working there is incredibly friendly, to be expected in any new establishment I suppose, but pleasant nonetheless. Mind-blowing cuisine is definitely not the focus here, but everything we had was very good. Semi-traditional with some twists, but overall just a solid bar and restaurant, which if the internet is to be believed was Ralph’s intention.

    Worth a visit.

  22. Lovely restaurant. Mr. Lauren truly captured the feel of a country club’s dining room. I agree that the waiters were not snooty and very pleasant. The first time, we had this waiter who looked as if he had been plucked right out of prep school (his OCBD and repp tie uniform helped the thought). Then the next time we went he was the sommelier and was dressed as father of a prep school student. They grow up so fast…

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