Surf’s Up Again

surf ivy

This weekend summer officially arrived, so here’s your summer reading (at least for a few minutes) via this piece on a new surfing book I did for Ralph Lauren Magazine.

Above, an image that could only exist in the imagination of the Japanese: the “Surf Ivy” collection from the brand Beams Plus.

4 Comments on "Surf’s Up Again"

  1. Things like the Surf Ivy collection make me curious just how far from the truth my visions of other cultures are. Ivy League and surf culture are about as opposite as you can get given their many fundamental differences, least of which is their origins’ being on opposite sides of the country.

  2. @Joey

    Actually it’s not your vision of other cultures that is far from the truth, it’s the other cultures–particularly the Japanese–that have a warped vision of Ivy League style.

  3. But if the Japanese have such a warped view of Ivy Style, that probably means that any vision I have of Japan is likely warped as well.

  4. Come about hard and join the young and often spring you gave…

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