Last Day Of Spring: The Daily Princetonian, 1950


Tomorrow is the first day of summer, which means today is the last day of spring. Wish we could say you can scoop up these spring items at 1950 prices, but hey, at least there are sales going on right now at Brooks and Press. — CC

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  1. What is your assessment of the Timex Original White Dial Roman Numerals featured in a previous photo? Is is worth $90? Don’t you find the case diameter a little large at 38mm? Thanks. I’m giving it consideration…

  2. Christian | June 20, 2014 at 1:10 pm |

    Is this for me? It should probably be on the other comment thread.

    Is it worth $90? Only you can judge that. Did I pay that much?

  3. I’m sorry for posting in the wrong thread, Christian. What is your thoughts upon the quality of this Timex compared with the Weekender? Where did you buy it and how much? Thank you.

  4. Christian | June 20, 2014 at 1:51 pm |

    Ha! I join the watch guys in a chuckle. Exactly what sort of quality are you looking for? It seems to keep accurate time.

  5. Accuracy and durability, i.e., the crown doesn’t fall off upon setting the time like the one on a Hamilton. How long have you been wearing it? Where did you but it? Thanks again.

  6. In April, 1971, purchased an Omega automatic (self-winding, top of the line, I was told), stainless link band – not a Seamaster – and it cost me nearly $271, in those days, nearly two weeks pay and my wife at the time was furious. I still have it, wear it, and it keeps perfect time. I have it cleaned now and then and had it refurbished about five years ago. I have other watches, among them a beautiful Raymond Weil, (a Christmas present 20 years ago from my wife) which I wear occasionally, and an old (late 40s vintage) Hamilton that was my father’s. But the Omega, its blue face shining, ticking away accurately, recording day and date, is my favorite – affirming the adage about buying fine things, I suppose.

  7. elder prep | May 12, 2021 at 4:53 pm |

    Well, so much for discussion on the Spring Weekend Styles at the Princeton University Store. By the way, the attractive lady in the illustration looks soooo relaxed. The magic of beer?

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