5 Comments on "Hold Up Your Pants The Ivy Way"

  1. Where came this style?
    I suspect that this type of belt were influenced by British regimental belt (or sash).

  2. What year was this from?

  3. There’s that “suspenders” word again…..

  4. Waldo Walters | June 25, 2014 at 9:46 pm | Reply

    The Texas influence, I believe. #3 and #4, and arguably #2, are styled after ranger belts. The buckle height is no larger than the strap so the buckle doesn’t dig into one’s waist while riding. But the colorful fabric straps are Ivy.

  5. Looks like very early 1960s prices and style. Two are made of D&J Anderson cotton fabric; probably the world’s finest.

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