Still Fresh: Yale Freshmen from the LIFE Archives

From LIFE Magazine‘s 1964 story on Yale freshman Tim Thompson, which Ivy-Style covered here.

Thompson, clad in black Chuck Taylors, reading Camus’ “The Stranger” — in French (this is Yale). Note neckties draped over lamp behind him:

Thompson with back to camera, showing third collar button:

Bow tie with club collar:

Pinned club collar with super-skinny tie:

This shot was all over the web when it was first discovered in 2010:

Three plaid jackets, and some original dance moves:

Here’s to next year, when we’re sophomores:

3 Comments on "Still Fresh: Yale Freshmen from the LIFE Archives"

  1. Love these just as much as ever.

    We still read “L’etranger” here at Yale — and still in French, of course. Some things never change.

  2. I met some young French university graduates the other day who had never read anything by Camus (or by Sartre, for that matter).

    Nice to learn that Yale remains unaffected by fads and fashion (in French literature, at least).

  3. aahhhh…I love photos of Yale….

    boola – boola


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