News Roundup: Sperry’s Varsity Prep, Collegiate Polo Bear, Beams Goes Ivy

Sperry is ready for fall with a new collection hearkening back to those Ivy Varsity days. I like the pictures and the vibes even if I don’t love this collection. Sperry for life, though! I’m still getting nice mileage from one of their summer boat shoes. 

Images, logos and mascots are memorable and a useful branding technique. One of our favorite preppy bears has revealed itself in a new iteration. The Polo bear this time ready to head off to college. 

This particular Polo Bear debuted in 1996 and has never appeared on a sweater — until now.

It seems like there is a new preppy collaboration every couple of weeks, and this August should be no different with Rowing Blazers and Murrays Toggery Shop at it again:

Rowing Blazers is launching a limited edition collaboration with Murray’s Toggery. The collection includes a Nantucket Red dad hat and bucket hat; two custom rugby shirts; a t-shirt; canvas Nantucket Red shorts, and a custom co-branded banker bag—all featuring our own irreverent take on the iconic Murray’s label, with an outline of Manhattan Island instead of Nantucket Island.

The Japanese brand Beams is also going Ivy:

The collection highlights a large selection of outerwear that includes pullovers, lightweight jackets, cardigans, blazers, letterman jackets and more. Classic patterns that are reminiscent of retro Ivy League style such as argyle, flannel, tweed and vertical stripes inform the outerwear pieces as well as collared shirts and sweaters.

And speaking of Japan, who wears Thom Browne? Old Japanese men, for one.

They say August is the Sunday of the summer, it’s not too early to be planning those autumn outerwear choices.  — MAWULI GRANT AGBEFE

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  1. Regarding your comment on the coed’s clothing in the top pic: Women’s clothing in general and in particular in the last several months now wears like a floral shower curtain re-purposed to keep the rain out, with virtually no womanly silhouette showing. The new Political Reality.

    As expected, men’s shirts and trousers in that same time frame have become quite blunt in their display of the manly form. Things work that way. Women dress with in LAMB’s clothing (Look At Me Boy’s), OR men dress LAMG’s, BUT not both at the same time.

    Today, men are the Peacocks, women are the brown-feathered birds hiding in the bushes. Expect more so over some period of time.

    It’s going to stay that way for at least a couple years longer than Political Reality maintains its current course. Fashion changes in six months or so, Style lasts ten years or more.

  2. The Japanese gentleman dressed in Tom Browne looks like a caricature, a clown,a mockery of himself..And then he waxes lyrical in the article about the burgouise dress and how you need to be an individual.

  3. The Japanese fellow looks ridiculous not only because of the style of clothes he is wearing but also the incredibly low quality of it.



  4. whiskeydent | August 20, 2019 at 8:10 am |

    The Japanese guy wussed out with the righthand watch. Shoulda gone Micky.

  5. Hey Ralph, why don’t you do a different version that shows him twenty years on, taking the subway to work and reminiscing about the Good Old Days? Call him Fogey Bear.

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