Raw! Raw! Rooster, 1956

It’s inevitable that things wind down at the end of the week, but to devolve into Cartoon Week? Sheesh….

On the plus side, it may be a short week. I did some extensive googling for collegiate-themed animated shorts from the ’30s, but couldn’t actually find anything. Suggestions appreciated. Were there any Madison Avenue spoofs? — CC

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  1. While you’re checking out WB cartoons, Katnip Kollege (1938) might be worth a peek.

  2. Not a cartoon but I think this qualifies as a good Madison Ave. Christmas spoof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5IXlfJSEi4

  3. There’s always that chuck Jones classic: The Dover Boys (1942): http://youtu.be/jR0eBWDVAtw

  4. Foghorn J. Leghorn: One of the greats. I remember when the Watergate hearings started on television because as soon as Senator Sam Irvin spoke I thought to myself, “Good grief, Foghorn Leghorn is in charge of the hearings.” In fact, the character is based on an old radio days character: the blowhard Southern politician Senator Claghorn — who hates all Yankees. And, I don’t mean to suggest that Senator Irvin was a blowhard. Far from it, he was just a simple “country lawyer.”

  5. Best Foghorn line: Just after having all his feathers blown off and while picking them up he says, in his southern drawl, “Fortunately, I… I keep my feathers numbered for . . . for just such an emergency.”

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