4 Comments on "Freddy The Freshman, 1932"

  1. It’s a Warner Bros. cartoon, but it really looks like it came out of the Fleischer Studios. 1932 is actually before Warner had their own cartoon division. That’s a Harmon-Ising production. Warner kept the names Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies when they split with Harmon-Ising, but none of the characters. They did pretty well inventing new characters, though.

  2. Definitely a Warner, “That’s all Folks” before Porky Pig. Has the look of Disney characters, Mickey seems to make an appearance.

    When Disney’s Wonderful World of Disney was over at 8:30 pm Sunday night, you KNEW the weekend was over and school was only a night away. Kids like myself definitely looked forward to watching the 7:30 pm show, but at 8:30, the grim reality settled in.

    Great cartoon.

  3. PS:

    When I and a couple other guys were getting out of active US Army service, every where we went that last day, we would mimic Porky Pig, and yell “That’s all folks.”

    What insanity!

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