Prime Time: Brooks Brothers x Social Primer Launch Party

Last night Brooks Brothers held a soiree at its Madison Avenue flagship celebrating the launch of its bow tie collection in collaboration with the blog Social Primer. Guests were asked to honor the occasion by wearing a bow tie. Most did, as you’ll see in the shots below.

Pictured above are the new ties, while below are some shots of party revellers. First up, man of the hour K. Cooper Ray, founder of Social Primer (unseen trousers: Nantucket Reds):

The Gran Signore, Brooks CEO Claudio Del Vecchio. When I mentioned the upcoming Ivy League Look exhibit at the FIT museum, Del Vecchio said they’d likely open up the Brooks vaults. “With a project like this, how could we not?” he said.

Next up, a couple of Brooks merchandisers:

Finally, a couple shots of party revellers.

Oh, and I wore a knit tie. — CC

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  1. I’m shocked at the lack of pocket squares!!

    Looks like a fun party. Hope you all had fun.

  2. Twenty-odd years ago I frequently wore bow ties. Then one day an attractive woman mentioned that she thought bow ties were a way that men signaled “I can no longer get an erection”. After that, for some reason, bow ties lost their appeal for me.

  3. Thanks, I’m glad you posted this. Infact I was wondering whether to pick up some bowties myself, recently, but was a bit iffy pertaining to the aesthetics of it. Now, those pictures give me hope and motivation- they all look great!!

  4. Mazama: you almost just ruined bow ties for me. But then I remembered that when I wear them I get MORE positive attention from the ladies, not less. Also I’m 25 so it would take a lot more than an 8 inch piece of silk to undermine my virility.

  5. For me the guy in the yellow shirt is just KILLING IT. THAT’s how to wear a bow tie. Also a solid navy seersucker blazer with light colored buttons is awesome.

  6. Old School | May 20, 2010 at 8:21 pm |

    1. Signore Del Vecchio is either wearing one of BB’s non-iron OCBDs, or a must-iron OCBD which has been heavily starched– which BB strongly advises against. No front placket sits that flat unless it’s non-iron or heavily starched. (My guess is non-iron).

    2. The guy on the left in the bottom photo shows that bowties definitely don’t suit everybody.

  7. I’m always glad to see the bow tie celebrated, but I’m really not sure what the utility is of two normal looking bow ties melded together…

  8. And why shouldn’t DelVechio wear a non-iron? You may not like them (I prefer the all cotton myself but don’t have nearly the animosity others do) but the fact is BB has staked its future on them to a large extent, so wearing one seems appropriate for him.

  9. The guy on the left in the last photo also illustrates why you always wear a long-sleeved shirt under your jacket.

    And the importance of the correct belt length.

    His friend, on the other hand, illustrates both the dangers of pattern mixing and the pitfalls of wearing jeans with what might otherwise be an adult outfit.

    Everyone else pictured looks great, though. Mr. Yellow Shirt (who looks really good) might have gotten his reversible tie from Ellie LaVeer Stager at The Cordial Churchman:

  10. Old School | May 21, 2010 at 9:05 pm |


    I was not objecting to Signore Del Vecchio’s non-iron shirt, merely pointing it out.

  11. The gent in the yellow shirt gets my vote! I think bow ties are charming and add just that dash of playfulness to the man & his wardrobe.

  12. Earlier today I attended the Social Primer event in Charleston. Always nice to see so many bow ties in the same place. A good time was had by all as they say.

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