Ivy Trendwatch: The Dockers Ankle Chino

As Teruyoshi Hayashida once said, “Apres moi, le deluge.”

Previously we reported on the similarities between Gant Rugger’s Spring 2010 collection and Hayashida’s ’60s photo book “Take Ivy,” and now the sartorial breviary appears to have inspired another brand, this time Dockers and its flood-length chinos.

Urban Outfitters is now offering an exclusive Docker pant called the Ankle Chino. With a slim cut, tapered leg and 30-inch inseam (the only inseam available — talk about target marketing), the chinos are shown paired with beefroll Weejuns and no socks for a reverberating Princeton ’67 vibe.

“There was definitely an American preppy/Ivy influence when the pants were being designed,” Dockers spokesman Shaun Lewis told Ivy-Style. — CC

9 Comments on "Ivy Trendwatch: The Dockers Ankle Chino"

  1. Or if you’re someone with a 30″ inseam, a perfect fit…works for me!

  2. really sweet. need to get me a pair.

  3. A 30″ inseam would give me a slight break. Now I feel short.

  4. The only time Urban Outfitters will ever be linked to from Ivy Style.

  5. Christian | May 23, 2010 at 3:17 pm |

    Not if this Ivy thing gets REALLY big.

  6. No.. it’s wrong. The slacks must come down and touch the shoe. High water pants just don’t look good.

  7. What makes this look appear cool in the photo is that the wearer seems “not to care”. I don’t think that this is anything that can be designed or simulated, and has nothing to do with the actual article of clothing.

  8. In Boston known as Yankee high water pants; they were handed down to sons from fathers with frayed shirts, dirty ties, worn out suits, wooden boats,bad backs and bad teeth.

  9. Saw the pants in the flesh yesterday. Nice fabric, great lapped outseam, nice width on the bottoms. The rise seems low even though the description says “medium rise.” I’d say I’d prefer these to J.Crew’s Urban Slim, were I in the market for a very slim, low chino.

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