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Chris Hogan of Off The Cuff has just put up an all-you-can eat photo gallery from the “Rowing Blazers” party at the new Polo store. Spot the guy not in the spirit of things.

I used to have a Ralph Lauren rowing blazer I’d wear to Gatsby parties back in California, but chose to instead continue playing with the concepts of Ivy Chic and Viking Prep. Outfit consists of black Alden cordovan tassel loafers, O’Connell’s charcoal gabardines, pinned club collar with black woven tie, Brooks alligator belt and engine-turned buckle (monogrammed “CC”), Ralph Lauren black/gray/cream argyle socks, and RL glen-plaid jacket, a two-button darted FAIL. — CC

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  1. I may just be out of the loop here, but what exactly is Viking Prep, or Ivy Chic for that matter? I haven’t heard either of those phrases used before.

  2. It appears Mr. Flusser borrowed some garments from Ronald McDonald.

  3. Yawn. I thought Fred Egan had moved on to creepy “poetry”… can his stint in preppy menswear be finished now?

  4. Christian, the trousers and shoes are undeniable. Some would probably criticize the tie width not matching that slim lapel, but I don’t get too hung up on this. The darts look to be hidden nicely in that glen plaid pattern. Two-button is almost inexcusable. Is the shirt pink? I like the pinned club collar. Very “chic” and the “Viking” beard suits you.

  5. @James

    You haven’t???


    Lapel 3″, tie 3.25. Shirt is white, but I’ve had a pink one made in oxford cloth with flap pocket. I think I’ll have some more done (I use Individualized Shirts); the pinned club is starting to become a trademark.

  6. Very well then, the picture just makes the tie appear quite a bit wider than the lapel. That’s the problem with judging an outfit from a single picture. My pink Press flap pocket is a real treat to wear. You gettin’ Mercer to cook that shirt up for you?

  7. I have a pink flap-pocket from Mercer, but as mentioned I’m currently using Individualized Shirts as they have an office in the city where I can get measured.

  8. Oh… DER!

  9. My one collision with rowing blazers dates back 20 years in New Haven. When I bought my still extant white Bucks from Barries (at the corner of York and Elm) the salesman told me that the Yale Junior varsity crew team had just bought the same shoe the week before, after they had bought blazers at J. Press and had the tailor add white trim to the lapels.
    It was a time, and a time it was.

  10. PS. they were all soon off to the Henley regatta.

  11. Appears to be what P.G. Wodehouse called,”A convocation of REEDY people!” except for Slusser.

    Early returns give the most votes to Mr. Slusser.

  12. Jeeves just corrected my spelling to Flusser, of course!

  13. Christian, hardly a party pooper.
    On the contrary, well-dressed as always.
    By the way, I fully approve of the 2-button jacket, though it may give apoplexy to 3-button obsessives.

  14. Nothing wrong with two-button blazers and I consider myself to be a total purist. As long as they have single vents and appropriate width lapels, I have no issue with them whatsoever.
    The 3-2 coats that I love as my first choice, actually mock two-buttons coats. From a distance, that’s exactly what they resemble, as they do roll over to the second button.!

  15. Worried Man | October 1, 2014 at 10:23 am |

    For the record, my comment about the two-button being inexcusable was a joke. The two Brooks suits I own that I get the most use out of are a two-button model.

  16. Roy R. Platt | October 1, 2014 at 11:22 am |

    Seeing all those Rowing Blazers reminds me of the book “Zuleika Dobson, Or An Oxford Love Story” by Sir Max Beerbohm.

    Anyone who is interested in dandies, rowing, love, or Oxford might find the book amusing.

  17. Have read “Zuleika” several times, and the other works of Max many more. In fact, the thick Cecil bio is also a great read.

  18. wow. that looks like tons of fun.

  19. Apart from Christian and a few others, they look ridiculous.
    A bunch of overgrown frat rats ready for a drinking binge
    (to be followed by a campus rape binge, I daresay).

  20. “Campus rape binge”, new band name, I called it!

  21. As much as I’ve enjoyed your forays into Chic Ivy, I hope Viking Prep isn’t a MacGuffin.

  22. I get the Hitchcock reference, though I don’t get your meaning.

  23. A.E.W. Mason | October 1, 2014 at 6:14 pm |


    Great look. Everything works. It’s updated Ivy I suppose; the jacket is beautiful–very nice drape. All the materials are subtle but giving a very elegant appearance.

    The rest of the crowd, mm, well . . . ? Is it just me, or do half of the male guests look like they’re busting out of their blazers? Oh, well, perhaps it’s just that new shrunken look — which eschews any drape whatsoever. A matter of personal taste, right?

    But I don’t want to be too cranky. The women are adorable in their blazers and it’s nice to see people having fun. Thanks.

  24. I like the Russell Plaid on the jacket but I just don’t “get” the plain woven tie. In prep school we called them Rooster ties and even then we knew they were ugly. But they could be balled up and kept in the pockets of our sport jackets for chapel.

  25. What can you tell us about the hank?

  26. Yes, very nice jacket Christian. Fits well.

  27. From Rooster to Ralph Lauren – Remembering Jerry Myers, A Genius of Neckwear

    Let’s not forget the Max Raab, the dean of womens prep, who launched the Rooster Tie Company, The Villager, J G Hook, Tango tie company and A Clockwork Orange

  28. Bags' Groove | October 2, 2014 at 4:31 am |

    @ Sartre.

    At the risk of sounding pedantic, it’s Glen plaid (Prince of Wales to me), as our mentor mentions above. As for the black woven tie, anything other than solid has a tendency to look a little loud. Not exactly the decorous look we dapper chaps are trying to attain, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

  29. Tradical Chic and the Ooh!-Aaah(!)ing of the Sack Wearers.

  30. @Bags’ Groove believe Sartre means something like this

  31. Bags' Groove | October 2, 2014 at 9:33 am |

    @ C. Sharp.

    Well of course he does. There’s Glen plaid, which is predominantly grey, and there’s Russell plaid, which is predominantly brown.
    And now I don my tin hat, in full anticipation of all the contrarians…

  32. Christian – Far too hard on yourself, you looked sharp as always. I must apologize for taking a slightly blurry shot! It was so darn crowded in there that I kept getting bumped.

  33. @ADW

    The hank is a matte gauze-like black silk with the smallest and subtlest of blue dots. It is the very epitome of restraint and flair and the most perfect piece of clothing I own.


    I believe Rooster only made knit ties. This is a textured weave more like grenadine.

    Speaking of knit ties, time for a new post…

  34. @bags’Groove

    I would say it was not color but the appearance of the pattern in photo.

    “Russell plaid is similar to a giant scale glen plaid, except that the horizontal sections of the check have been striped away, so that the vertical lines dominate.”

    It is an interesting trip down the rabbit hole – looking at the hem I would think it most likely appears as a Glenn plaid in real life.

  35. Worried Man | October 2, 2014 at 12:27 pm |

    My vote is for it being glen plaid.

  36. Ya’lls’ eyesight is much better than mine, all I know is Flusser is wearing red.

  37. @Christian,

    Thanks. Sounds cool. I like thinner, gauzier hanks, even though they’re much harder to find than the “normal” weight.

  38. A few of those guys look like they’ve never rowed in their lives and wanted to play dress up

  39. Christian — Very glad you are still with us!

    Knit ties? Yes, with bold patterns like glen plaid, or occasionally with a dark suit. Otherwise, I prefer the subtle patterns and colors one can find in ancient madder prints, and especially from Drakes.

  40. I have some cotton madras Rooster ties, and have seen woolen ones as well, so not just knit.

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