Ghosts Of Collegians Past: The Fine & Dandy Shop Collection


Last Friday I had the pleasure of sitting next to man-of-the-moment Jack Carlson (author of “Rowing Blazers” and fresh off his packed party at Polo) at the National Arts Club. We were watching slideshow presentations on preppy and Seven Sisters style from Jeffrey Banks and Rebecca Tuite.

Meanwhile, unassuming in a corner of the hall, was a display of collegiate memorabilia from Enrique Crame III of Fine & Dandy Shop. I took a few quick shots, then stopped by the shop over the weekend for a few more. Enrique’s been collecting for a long time and the shop boasts only a fraction of what he has, so expect to see more in subsequent posts.

Stop by the store if you’re in New York, or shop online if you’re not. They’ve got a great assortment of accessories, and, after all, the devil (who’s a dandy) is in the details. — CC










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  1. Plenty of good old collegiate eye candy there. As for his store, I really like some of the ties and can recommend the Layrite pomade. It has a nice vanilla scent. I dare say, however, that some of that stuff is really crossing the line into serious cosplay territory. Spats and sock garters?

  2. Thanks for this information; I am putting this store on my list to visit next time I am in NYC! And the bow ties do look interesting & 2″ is a good size.

  3. The second-best thing about sock garters is that if they are properly worn, no one ever knows you’re wearing them. The very best thing about sock garters is that they keep your socks up all day long.

    Of course, if your entire sock collection consists of over-the-calf socks whose elastic is still fresh, then you don’t need them. Not all of us have that luxury.

    Besides, I hate pulling up my socks.

    On the other hand, spats? Pure costume—unless they’re part of your marching band uniform.

  4. ^
    Fair enough. Nothing more irksome than “quitters”, as I call them.

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