Life of the Party: Orvis Patch Tartan Sportcoat

It’s never too early to plan your office Christmas party outfit. Suggestion: This patchwork tartan sportcoat by Orvis, which is presumably the same DS Dundee jacket we saw at the ENK menswear show back in January. Guaranteed to make you and everyone around you drink too much eggnog. — CC

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  1. It’s very WASP 101, don’t you think?

  2. Straight out of the Handbook

  3. If, by very WASP 101, you mean authoritative,insightful, well versed on
    the subject,then by all means,yes, very WASP 101.
    I have learned through it that WASPS love and wear……uh….mmmmm
    mmmmmm..oh yeah! Slippers!…uh….Velvet Slippers!……uh…………
    annnnnd…….ASCOTS! that’s right ASCOTS! that round the neck formal
    thingy appropriate for………ummmmm…………..oh, HA! forgetting already,
    TARTAN! WASPS LOVE TARTAN!…….YEAH!……….ummmmmm.
    So,this holiday season, put on your favorite ascot,with your favorite
    velvet slippers and tartan pant and or jacket,and YOU’RE A WASP!!!…..

  4. Exactly. That jacket just begs to be worn with an ascot and velvet slippers.

  5. Really Beautiful jacket !!!!!!!!!!! I want one ……… please santa ……. lol…..

  6. Men don’t wear outfits. It’s a great jacket. When did you move to the Village?

  7. These should be issued to every male American tourist going to Europe–along with a baseball cap.

  8. It really isn’t a patch tartan, is it.
    It’s parts of 4 coats sewn together.

  9. For those of us who aren’t up on the drama – is there some sort of rivalry going on between Ivy Style and WASP 101? Or are these actually good-natured comments?

  10. Well Adam to sum it up best,it’s not a rivalry.If you have any
    reasonable knowledge of what WASP and WASP style are,just read through
    his blog when you get a chance,kind of self explanatory.

  11. Can we cool it with the cheap shots?

  12. Cheap Shot? Why not a post at Wasp101 saying “Hey Gang, got a mention
    at Ivy Style and wouldn’t you know it,I was thinking of posting the same
    Orvis Jacket myself! In fact I’ve ordered one just in time for the holidays,
    I recommend you do the same. Also want to mention I’ve begun work on
    an autobiography tentatively titled “Ascots and Velvet Slippers” (with a
    little tartan on the side) My Journey toward Waspdom. I’ve got connections
    at RandomHouse Publishing so look for it in a year or so,and check back
    here at the blog for updates along the way”. Honesty is the best Policy Richard.

  13. Hideous. Looks like the Bay City Rollers threw up and somehow produced a jacket.

    If you have to have one, though, it’s best to accessorize it well. Try patch madras pants, a fun shirt, a patch madras bow tie, and a patch cap of some sort. On the feet: leopard print velvet slippers, monogrammed in lime green, piped in hot pink, and with hunter orange tassels. Problem: what socks and belt?

    Yet there’s a market for it. But who? Yes, Richard the Tool at WASP 101, but also (possibly) the following (in)famous men’s fashion/style bloggers:

    ADG at Maximinimus
    Heavy Tweed Jacket (sadly no longer with us in the blogosphere)
    Giuseppe at An Affordable Wardrobe
    tintin at The Trad

    My apologies to those I have left off the list, and to those I included whom I should not have.

  14. I knew it was about Christmas just by the first look! Quite funny jacket.

  15. St. Michaels' | November 16, 2010 at 3:59 pm |

    Two buttons, ticket pockets, double vent, and it looks like it has a darted front. Not prep – rather a British -styled tartan train wreck….

  16. Well, I think it looks like someone wanted to get rid of left over fabric and found a economical way to do it and trying to pass it off as a style. It would have been better done in left over velvet. These plaids are best worn as kilts or pants.

  17. elder prep | June 18, 2019 at 10:09 pm |

    Visually, it gives me a headach just looking at the photo.

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