ENK Show Recap: Allen Edmonds, Harvard Yard, DS Dundee

As promised, a few notes on the ENK menswear trade show held last week.

For spring and fall, Allen Edmonds will be bringing out a number of updated shoes in the trad category. Three of them are highlighted above, while all six are in the photo below (apologies for the bad shot).

From left to right:

a) The Westchester is a dress penny loafer similar to the Randolph, but with a sleeker toe shape and lower vamp. New for spring, it will hit stores in early February and be available in Black Custom Calf, Brown Burnished Calf, Walnut Calf, and Burgundy Shell Cordovan. $295 (calf).

b) The Park Avenue model, Allen-Edmonds’ best seller, will be offered in a new color, the textured Walnut Grain. Spring, $325.

c) Fifth Street, an old model being brought back, is a shell cordovan dress boot with seven-eyelet lace and leather bottom. Fall, $525.

d) The Shelton saddle shoe will be offered in burnished walnut and dark brown. Fall, $295.

e) The Walton model will be reintroduced, a split-toe with double oak sole and split-reverse welt, in dark brown. Fall, $295.

f) The MacNeil longwing will come in three new finishes: Walnut Grain, Burgundy Grain and Navy Calf. Spring, $325.

Finally, next year the Grayson tassel loafer may also get a new color, said Northeast Territory Manager Brett A. Klein.

Moving on, it’s indicative of Harvard Yard’s collection (see comment section of previous post) that I have only one photo to run: this short Blackwatch tartan jacket in some kind of synthetic material like a raincoat, though I was told it wasn’t meant to be one:

Tartans, plaids and rough woolens were plentiful, such as in this spread of caps, ties and scarves by French company Hartford:

My favorite stuff was from UK-based D.S. Dundee, and included yet more rustic, country-inspired items: tweed caps, striped wool ties, and this cardigan with quilted elbow patches. The chunky Fair Isle socks were especially nice, and quickly sold out last season:

And finally, from the same company, the piece de resistance, this patchwork tartan blazer. — CC

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  1. Patchwork Tartan Blazer = Love.

  2. That Fifth Street is pretty sweet.

  3. I want that blazer.

  4. Christian – I had heard that AE was coming up with a bunch of things right up my alley and wondering where I could learn more just this morning – thanks so much for this timely post and all the other “new product” news! Great journalism…

  5. You’re welcome, DCLawyer. Now that I’m in NY I think it’s going to be fun properly working the Ivy/preppy beat.

  6. DS dundee was the best in the collective, I think.

  7. Just when I thought that “fun” clothes couldn’t get any worse….

    Love the A&Es, and the Hartford and Dundee togs are nice, too.

  8. Wow, that Fifth Avenue balmoral boot is great.

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