Kazuo Hozumi’s Illustrated Book Of Ivy


Today in Japan sees the publication of a new collection of illustrations by artist Kazuo Hozumi, who created the smiling little caucasian characters used by clothing brand Van, and co-opted by myself for my Twitter avatars.

We’ve got the book on order and will share the findings when it arrives. — CC

6 Comments on "Kazuo Hozumi’s Illustrated Book Of Ivy"

  1. Christian,

    I certainly hope that you will co-opt some more illustrations.

    My favorite:


  2. Very cool. Thanks for the heads-up. I can’t thank you enough for turning me onto this stuff Christian.

  3. My pleasure. I certainly get a kick out of the little guys.

  4. Does the dearth of comments on this talented man and his illustrations suggest that readers are only interested in unlined collars, jazz, and football?

  5. Do they actually wear bow ties with polo shirts in Japan or this an artistic whimsy? I’ve seen it before in Japanese illustrations, never in person though…

  6. DCG
    I might have seen it done in Jerry Lewis movies. 😉

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