From The Corners Of The Empire


In our last post we announced the annexing of a new Manhattan restaurant into the Ralph Lauren empire. Here are a few more happenings from other corners of the RL world.

First up, two sportcoats for your consideration. Below, part of the Blue Label collection, is one of the updated Ivy jackets that come out each season. It is darted, but with a 3/2 roll, natural shoulders, patch pockets, and lapped seams and swelled edges. And made in the US.


The next comes from the farther reaches of the empire. Back in January, contributor Zach DeLuca wrote about the Ivy-inspired jackets available from Club Monaco (which is owned by the Polo corporation). This fall/winter season the brand came out with a couple more, which include such period details as a hook vent and two-button cuff.

Ignore the fact that the jacket is not the right size for the model:


And finally, from where the edge of the RL empire meets the rubble of the British, my latest piece for RL Magazine is on the Land Rover Defender, which was born in the aftermath of World War II. — CC

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  1. Re: “Ignore the fact that the jacket is not the right size for the model”.

    Are they ever?

  2. In the second picture, the fold on the tie going into the shirt looks like a vagina.

  3. C+ on the article. The truck in the Taz picture isn’t a Defender or 110. It’s a series 2a. Autos were available in the NAS 1997 and the 50th Anniversay truck. The current truck is largely on the decline, the best models having the 300tdi and earlier bulkhead with the functioning vents and no electronic windows or locks.

    I had a 1997 NAS SW for years and they did well offroad but suffered from weak axles and were prone to leak. Restoring a 1966 Series 2a right now.

  4. Where were you when I was doing interviews? I put a note on our Facebook page looking for owners.

    I had nothing to do with the image selection, but thanks for noting it.

  5. Bags' Groove | December 13, 2014 at 3:46 am |

    @ Boston Bean

    I’m surprised the “honey, i shrunk your clothes” look has lasted so long, but fear not old bean, it will end, like all phases.

  6. The RL model’s ensemble is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in my life. It really makes me wonder what they’re are trying to accomplish when they come up with these things.

  7. I tried one of the Club Monaco made in the USA jackets and it fit almost exactly like York Street. All the finishes were right but it felt too short to be taken seriously.

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