Jack Carlson On The Boathouses Of Rowing Blazers


The content for Ivy Style and Masculine Interiors certainly overlap frequently, so I hope my buttoned-down brethren here don’t mind the occasional pointer post. This latest is a real treat, as “Rowing Blazers” author Jack Carlson shares his favorite boathouses, which positively ooze tradition, history, and collegiate athletic prowess. Pictured above is Jack at the Penn AC Rowing Club on Boathouse Row in Philadelphia in a photo by Jason Varney. Head over here for the story. — CC

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  1. I’ve spent a whole lot of time pulling an oar on the Schuylkill (and elsewhere), and have never seen anybody dressed quite like these dandies. Not racers, anyway.

    Although, as I’m just [belatedly] discovering ‘Masculine Interiors’, you could certainly do worse than profiling the Philly clubs – the buildings themselves are truly great.

  2. Hi Paul – I spent last summer training in Philly for the world championships, and you’re right: the boathouses are beautiful. The rowing community on Boathouse Row is is fantastic too. Rowing blazers aren’t much in style in the city of brotherly love, however. Head up to Boston or across the pond to the UK (especially Oxford, Cambridge and Henley) — or indeed to the Netherlands — and it’s a different story. I assure you, all pictured are “racers” at the highest level — for their respective Olympic and national teams, Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race crews, etc.!

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