Rising Sun: Kamakura’s New Summer Collection


Today Kamakura unveiled its summer collection. The model is pretty scruffy and many of the shirts are spread collar, but those of you who appreciate variety might enjoy some of the alpha-sized buttondowns available in fabrics such as linen and breathable 36-gauge knit, which is pictured above.

The company has also announced it will open a second New York store in October, to be located downtown in Brookfield Place.— CC

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  1. Bags' Groove | May 13, 2015 at 4:21 pm |

    Kamakura will be my very first stop in NYC. I almost wept in Tokyo when realisation dawned that their shirts simply don’t fit Western physiques. So now I want one or two of their spread collars even more.

  2. Christian | May 13, 2015 at 4:32 pm |

    “Spread-collar Ivy” sounds like a good idea for a post. We’d need Carmelo’s image collection and Sharp’s photographic memory.

  3. They don’t make a shirt that fits me either. I remember the look of astonishment on the saleswoman’s face as she took a sleeve measurement in the NY store. There may be Japanese men with shoulders as wide as mine, and arms as long as mine, but I’m sure they can’t buy clothes off the rack at most stores over there. Here in the States, I can usually find a 17×36 without having to go to a big and tall store.

  4. Mercer & Sons or Robert Talbott MTM for me.

  5. Have they announced making their shirts available in more than three sizes?

  6. @cameron Did you try the NY Classic fits? I wear a 17.5×37 in BB shirts and their measured 17.5×36.5 in the NY Classic at Kamakura fit me perfectly. Sadly their S-M-L sized NY Classic shirts (which is how they size their linen and other casual shirts) just don’t work at all. I’m a quite broad shouldered guy so I’d say give them another shot if you’re in the market for dress shirts.

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